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WordPress Plugins » Flexi quote rotator


Screenshot 1 – Example of how flexi quote rotator can be displayed on a web page

Screenshot 2 – Settings panel in admin

Screenshot 3 – Management panel in admin


Loading Quotes...

Plugin Page on WordPress.org:


Flexi Quote Rotator

A plugin for displaying quotes or testimonials or other rotating snippets of content.


Contributors: acurran
Donate link: http://sww.co.nz/payments/
Tags: quotes, quotation, quote, quotations, testimony, testimonies, random quotes, random, rotating, quotation, plugin, shortcode, template, display
Requires at least: 3.0
Tested up to: 3.5.1
Stable tag: 0.9.3


The flexi quote rotator plugin allows you to add quotations/testimonies to your site using a shortcode or php snippet in template or as a widget. Includes an administration settings page and provides styling flexibility.

You can use this plugin to display quotes or testimonials or other rotating snippets of content on your web site. The quotes are entered in the admin area and can be displayed using a widget, a shortcode or php snippet. The quotes will rotate with a fade transition on each changeover.


  1. Upload 'flexi-quote-rotator' folder to the '/wp-content/plugins/' directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress

Updating Plugin


  1. Add this shortcode to your page or post content:
    [quoteRotator title="{optional title}" delay="{delay in seconds, optional}" fade="{fade-in duration in seconds, optional}" fadeout="{fade-out duration in seconds, optional}"]
    e.g.1: [quoteRotator]
    e.g.2: [quoteRotator title="Testimonials" delay="8" fade="4" fadeout="2"]
  2. Insert a template tag in a template file:
    quoteRotator({optional title}, {delay in seconds, optional}, {fade-in duration in seconds, optional}, {fade-out duration in seconds, optional});
    e.g.1: <?php echo quoteRotator(); ?>
    e.g.2: <?php echo quoteRotator("Testimonials", 8, 4, 2); ?>
  3. Use the widget created (Appearance > Widgets)


This plugin allows full styling flexibility using CSS to control how the quotes are displayed on your web site. A few example stylesheets are included in the styles folder (/wp-content/plugins/flexi-quote-rotator/styles/). One of these can be selected in the settings admin panel. You can copy and modify one of these stylesheets to achieve the desired look. Then you save it in the styles folder and it will become an available for selection in the settings admin panel. Alternatively you can select 'none' for stylesheet and add the styling to your main theme stylesheet. Photoshop source files are also provided if you want to modify the provided background images.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I add my quotes?

Under the "Manage" tab of the admin page, there is a "Quotes" subpage.

Can I have more than one quote areas on a page?

No, this plugin is not designed to handle more than one quote areas on an individual page.

There appears to be more than one way of controlling the settings such as fade, delay, etc. Which takes precedence?

It depends on the method used to display the quotes - if the original widget method if display is used, then the widget settings are used. If the shortcode or PHP methods of display are used, the settings saved in Settings > Quote Rotator are used but these can be overidden by the optional attributes passed to shortcode or PHP.

Can I put HTML code in the quote?

Yes, you can put HTML code into the quote and also into the quote author field (which is useful if you want to link to the quote author's web site)


  1. Example of how flexi quote rotator can be displayed on a web page
  2. Settings panel in admin
  3. Management panel in admin

Change Log

Version 0.9.3 (10 April 2013)

Bug fix: widget settings update was not working since 0.9.1 due to missing nonce field

Version 0.9.2 (23 July 2012)

Security update #2: sanitise input to SQL query (issue reported by Charlie Eriksen via Secunia SVCRP)

Version 0.9.1 (23 July 2012)

Security update #1: add nonce validation to all HTTP requests (issue reported by Charlie Eriksen via Secunia SVCRP)

Version 0.9 (26 Jun 2012)

  • New options for displaying open and closing quote characters (or other text string before and after the quote)
  • Additional styling hooks (span with id "quote" wrapped around actual quote)
  • Readme instructions updates
  • Add instructions to settings page

Version 0.3.2 (28 Mar 2011)

Resolved issue with height jumping around in widget version of quote rotator

Version 0.3.1 (25 Mar 2011)

Added back in the style sheets that were missing from previous version due to SVN glitch

Version 0.3 (24 Mar 2011)

  • Modified jQuery animation to fix issue with jagged text in IE.
  • Added new options Height Override and Width Override.
  • Added template tag quoteRotator().
  • Added new widget options.

Version 0.2 (5 Apr 2010)

Changed script library used for fading effects from Scriptaculous to jQuery. This should resolve script library conflicts that some users have experienced. Added fix for saving options in WP 2.9 MU. Thanks to colin@brainbits.ca for supplying the code! Also added a new option for fade-out duration. This defaults to 0 so that it behaves like previous versions with no fade-out unless specified.

Version 0.1.3 (17 Mar 2009)

Minor update: replaced a PHP shorthand tag, which was causing problem for some users, with full PHP tag, updated readme

Version 0.1.2 (12 Jan 2009)

Minor update: updated instructions and screenshots for WordPress 2.7

Version 0.1.1 (4 Nov 2008)

Minor update: set default parameters for getQuoteCode() function

Version 0.1 (28 Oct 2008)

Initial beta release based on Version 3.5.4 of Quote Rotator by Luke Howell.

546 Responses to “Flexi quote rotator”

  1. John Says:

    Can you have HTML in the quote?

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  3. Aidan Says:

    Yes you can have HTML in the quote.

  4. The Flexi quote rotator Says:

    […] can download the plugin right here.  A demo is provided on the page […]

  5. Andrew Pitchford Says:

    Looks great, can you add the code into another plugin like ‘AddSig’ so that it becomes a random quote appearing after each post.

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  7. Aidan Says:

    You potentially could add the php code for displaying it to another plugin’s output. However, bear in mind it is only designed to appear once on any web page.

  8. Violet Says:

    This is a great plug-in and is a very effective tool for us to deliver high impact messages!

  9. The Flexi quote rotator | ZachBrowne.com Says:

    […] can download the plugin right here.  A demo is provided on the page […]

  10. Andrew Pitchford Says:

    Aiden, does it use the same table names etc as Luke’s quote rotator? I’m wondering if the two can healthfully co-exist. Didn’t want to try it without your thoughts. The benefit is that I could use one as a side-bar widget and the other as a random quote at the bottom of posts.

  11. Aidan Says:

    @Andrew: Yes, it uses same table names as Luke’s quote rotator, so the 2 are not meant to be used together. Currently the Javascript code is set up for one inclusion only, but a bit of tweaking the Javascript could allow 2 or more inclusions. If that were done you could have have sidebar widget and shortcode version on same page.

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  13. Embun Says:

    Nice work!
    How to customize the CSS for this plugin?


  14. Aidan Says:

    @Embun: You can copy one of the included style sheets, modify it, save it in styles folder and select it from the settings page. See note on Styling above.

  15. Embun Says:

    It’s done!

    Can you AJAXing quotes in your next release?
    Right now, everytime I add some quotes, I have to reload the browser to show them in the rotator


  16. Bobby Says:


    Thanks for this great plugin. However, it doesn’t seem to work with WP 2.7.

    It says that there’s an unexpected $end in flexi-quote-rotator\classes\quote-rotator-management.class.php on line 299

    It would be great if you could find the time to fix that.

  17. Embun Says:

    Hi again,
    Can you add an optional column as support of the Author?!

    I mean, sometimes I want to cite a quote from a book titled ‘The Unoffical Book’ written by Mr Unknown.

    I want (in Manage-Quotes) there is an additional textbox to handle the book title. e.g caption is ‘Book’

    So, in the Author’s textbox I write ‘Mr unknown’ and then in the Book’s textbox I write ‘The Unofficial Book’ title.

    When Book’s textbox filled, It will say somthing like “Mr. Unknown, The Unofficial book” at the end of quote on page. Otherwise, just “Mr. Unknown” as the author of Quote.


    ps; don’t forget with AJAXing.

  18. Aidan Says:

    @Bobby: Thanks for letting me know about the issues in 2.7, I haven’t had a chance to test in 2.7 yet but will try to get around to it soon.

  19. Bobby Says:

    @Aidan : thanks for the quick answer. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no hurry.

  20. Aidan Says:

    I have tested this plugin in WP 2.7 and it is working fine.

  21. Dale Says:

    Great plug-in!

    One question though. Any way to shut off the “Loading quotes…” message?

    Thanks again!

  22. Bobby Says:

    Thanks for testing it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for me. I deleted it and downloaded the latest version from your website and I still have the same error message.

    I deactivated all the plugins I use but it didn’t help.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing this plugin, but I guess I have to look for another one.

  23. luc Says:

    Hi Aidan – Very nice plugin… thanks!

    Regrettably I am having trouble with it using WP 2.7 – The admin functionality doesn’t seem to work properly anymore…

  24. Aidan Says:

    Not sure what the problem is that some people appear to be experiencing in WP 2.7. Is it showing up in the menu for you? (‘Quote Rotator’ under Settings and ‘Quotes’ under Tools – see the new WP 2.7 screenshots above)

  25. Juanp Says:

    I cannot activate it.

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in C:\Program Files\wamp\www\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\flexi-quote-rotator\classes\quote-rotator-management.class.php on line 299

  26. Sissi Says:

    Great plugin but it won’t allow me to edit. I can delete but when I click on Edit, nothing happens.

  27. Aidan Says:

    I haven’t seen this issue myself but I see that Luke Howel did an update on the original plugin code that this is based on:
    Version 3.5.6
    Fixed error with dead link when trying to edit or delete quotes.

    So, I plan on doing an update soon to merge in those updates to this plugin

  28. Pete Says:

    Same problem here, unexpected $end lin e299 in WP 2.7.1

  29. speed Says:


    This is one of the best plugins out there for quotes :-)

    The only problem I found is that its using a different js framework to mine (I’m using mootools 1.21).
    So obviously when I activate this all my mootools powered features stop working :(

    Any guide on how I can make this work with Mootools?

    Thanks :-)

  30. Rob Says:

    The error is being caused by the php shorthand on line 241 in ‘quote-rotator-management.class.php’ Make this a full php tag and the Fatal error will go away and the plugin will activate.

  31. Missy Says:

    For some reason, the box and quotes show up but no text. What am I doing wrong? I placed

    getQuoteCode( ); ?>

    in the index.php page.

  32. Missy Says:

    the code did not show up correctly in the last post….it is #3. Insert a PHP snippet in template:

    e.g.1: getQuoteCode(); ?>

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  33. MG Says:

    Tried using this in my sidebar (not as a widget), but getting the following error:

    “Fatal error: Call to a member function getQuoteCode() on a non-object in /home/…sidebar.php”

    The code I inserted was getQuoteCode(“Testimonials”, 8, 4); ?>

    It doesn’t look like the function exists, any thoughts?

  34. Chris Says:

    I can’t get it to work either — no errors, just that the quotes do not appear on the page at all.

  35. Darcy Says:

    same problem here, text box but no text, any fixes out there?

  36. nelson Says:

    Looks like an awesome plug-in, but I’m having the same problem mentioned above. The quotes aren’t appearing on the page.

  37. Aidan Says:

    For those of you who can’t get the quotes to appear on page, what approach are you using to display the quote (widget, shortcode or PHP)?
    Try one of the alternative approaches and see if that works. I’ve come across cases where shortcodes don’t work due to some installed plugin. List all your plugins and WP version and we may see some common thread. If someone wants to send me an admin login to their site (via this site’s contact form), I can take a look.

  38. Aidan Says:

    @Rob, Thanks for pointing out the problem that the shorthand PHP tag may have been causing some users (…syntax error, unexpected $end…). I’ve just uploaded a new update (version 0.1.3) to resolve this.

  39. Melinda Says:

    The upgrade to 0.1.13 is missing all the other key files. The upgrade only contains the flexi-quote-rotator.php file. I resolved by downloading .12 here, and .13 from the wordpress plugins site. I copied the new flexi-quote-rotator.php file over the .12 version and it activated as expected.

  40. Aidan Says:

    Thanks for pointing this out. You were right the internal folders were missing due to some confusion I must be having using SVN (the tool for uploading plugin releases to wordpress.org). Anyway I’ve fixed it, v. 0.1.3 should have the complete file/folder structure now.

  41. April Says:

    Having the same problem, the quotes don’t show up. I’m using WP 2.7, Akismet, All In One SEO, Contact Form 7, Exclude Pages From Navigation, and WP shopping cart. Oh, and Flexi Quote Rotator, if I can make it work. :) Looking forward to a solution soon!

  42. Aidan Says:

    @April, As a test, try deactivating WP Shopping cart and let me know if it works. I’ve experienced WP Shopping cart to break short codes under certain settings. Also try the PHP code in template approach for displaying the quotes (this would get around the broken shortcodes problem)

  43. April Says:

    @Aidan–thanks for the quick response! Deactivating the WP-Shopping cart does fix the problem :( I was really hoping to use both…any suggestions?

  44. Jared Says:

    Awesome, plugin, exactly what I was looking for!

    I am only having trouble when I try and insert the quote via PHP in my theme, with or without the optional parameters:

    getQuoteCode(); ?>

    I get the following error:
    Fatal error: Call to a member function getQuoteCode() on a non-object

    The shortcode and widget versions work fine, but I want to place the quote in my theme in the header. I tried deactivating what few other plugins I have but it made no difference. Is there something else I need to initialize to create the getRotator object?

  45. Aidan Says:

    @April, WP-Shopping cart breaks the WP shortcodes feature. This is a problem with that plugin, I recommend you post on their forum to let them know. It depends on what settings are used but I can’t remember which ones, maybe if fancy notifications are turned on, but not sure…
    As a workaround you can use the PHP code in template approach instead of shortcodes.

  46. Aidan Says:

    @Jared, Do you have latest version (0.1.3) of the plugin? (Download link above gives latest version) I did a fix which clears fatal error problem that some people experienced.

    If that’s not it, try this one thing and let me know if it works – add the line:

    global $quoteRotator;


    echo $quoteRotator->getQuoteCode();

    in your template.

  47. April Says:

    Ok, I posted on their forum, but they are notoriously silent and inaccessible, generally. In the meantime, is there a way to use your plugin in the sidebar without using the built in widget/shortcodes? (Sorry, I’m a newbie…)

  48. April Says:

    I just sent you admin info via your contact form. If you wouldn’t mind taking a look and letting me know if there’s any way to make this work? Thanks so much.

  49. Aidan Says:

    @April, Yes you can make it work by using PHP approach instead of shortcodes. To do this you need to edit the appropriate template file and insert the PHP code given in the instructions above in the location where you want the quote to appear. If you have no clue about editing template files but are interested to learn start here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Templates

  50. April Says:

    Thanks so much, I’ll give it a shot.

  51. Jenny Says:

    I’m having the same trouble @Sissi mentioned Feb. 10th – When I hit edit, the page merely refreshes but doesn’t allow me to edit the quote. I can, however, delete and re-enter an edited version. Any help would be appreciated!

  52. Aidan Says:

    @Jenny, can you provide details of your setup? (or if you send me login I can take a look)

  53. Rob Says:

    Hi Aidan – I love the way this looks but I’m not on WP…is it possible to use this on a regular site? I am on SquareSpace.

  54. Adit Says:

    Same like Sissi and Jenny, I can’t edit the quotes. Fresh install on WP 2.7.1, flexi 0.1.3, xampp 1.7.0, with no other plugin installed.

  55. Aidan Says:

    @Adit,Sissi,Jenny – if you contact me with an admin login for your site, I’ll take a look.
    I’ve tested v. 0.1.3 in WP 2.7.1 and edit is working fine for me.

  56. John Charles Says:

    Aidan, great plugin. I am using it as a tool to load news headlines. Is there a way to change the ‘loading quotes’ to ‘loading headlines’? I am running 2.7.1 and the sidebar widget option. Thanks.

  57. wonderfullyrich Says:

    Aidan, great plugin! It’s a brilliant quote management tool.
    I’m looking to extend this tool beyond wordpress and feed quotes elsewhere. (One tool to rule them all persay.) How hard would it be to output the the quotes into an rss feed?

  58. Doi Says:

    It’s a great plug in thks for creating it But It can’t display on IE
    only compatible with firefox so I can’t use this plugin
    From Thailand

  59. Aidan Says:

    @Doi, it should be working fine in IE.

  60. Jason Penney Says:

    Hi Aidan,

    I had a user of my “Use Google Libraries” plugin ask what would be needed to have “Flexi quote rotator” be compatible with it. I took a look at it, and it was a fairly simple change. I filed a track ticket and attached a patch if you’re interested.

  61. Aidan Says:

    @Jason, Thanks!

  62. John Charles Says:

    Hello Aidan; Am I to assume that by not answering my question of March 29 (#56) about changes to the plugin announcement that you do not wish users to do so? If this is your position, I am disappointed. Thanks anyway. The plugin is still very useful. Thanks again.

  63. Aidan Says:

    @John, No, I’d like to make it more configurable but simply don’t have time to spend on it at the moment. You can achieve what you’re after quite simply as follows:

    edit the file classes\quote-rotator.class.php and change the text on lines 169 and 189 to say ‘Loading Headlines…’ instead of ‘Loading Quotes…’

  64. Aidan Says:

    @wonderfullyrich, probably not hard but not something I would put time into at the moment as I don’t have a need for it and I’m really busy. But thanks for the comment.

  65. John Charles Says:

    Good Morning Aidan; And a very good morning it is. Thank you so much for the reply and instructions. I will do as you say. Have a good day.

  66. John Charles Says:

    Aidan, I have followed your instructions and the results are perfect. Sometimes it’s just the small things that make a day. You and your work are very much appreciated. Thanks.

  67. Doi Says:

    Hello Aidan
    When i activate and use this plug in .Internet explore will error and can’t open my homepage but when i deactivate it. it normally use with IE. work very well on firefox

  68. Doi Says:

    Oh..I test ur homepage on IE.I can see ur Demo quote. sorry I don’t know why it can’t use on my homepage

  69. John Charles Says:

    Hello Aidan. I want to thank you again for helping me adjust your plugin. It truly is a great little tool. I also wanted to let you know that I have passed along the plugin to a few of my colleagues (with news sites) and they are as excited about it as I am.

  70. nonegiven Says:


    nice tool. Can I offer some suggestions for future features?

    a) make the quote order changable as clicking and draging widgets is, e.g. Ajax. It would be very helpful to make it easier to change the order.

    Another option would be to offer a “quick edit” and numbering system as WordPress does.

    b) allow “children of quotes”.

    That is to say, just as WordPress does, to allow subsequent quotes to the the child of an intitial quote.

    Again this would make it much easier to move quote orders about.

    I do not know code and cannot work out page positioning yet. Does the FQR support page positing in css and how is that done, e.g. absolute position or layers?

    Thank you.

  71. Aidan Says:

    @nonegiven: Thanks for your suggestions. The output of the plugin is contained within a DIV with id “quotearea”, so you can apply any positioning css to that container as desired.

  72. John Charles Says:

    Hello Aidan. A follow up to nonegiven’s question about changes to quote order: My knowledge in the area of editing css is limited, to say the least. Your guide to nonegiven: “The output of the plugin is contained within a DIV with id “quotearea”, so you can apply any positioning css to that container as desired” leaves me to ask if you can direct me to the file I must alter to achieve the reverse order? Thank you in advance for any assist.

  73. Aidan Says:

    @John: CSS files located in this directory: /wp-content/plugins/flexi-quote-rotator/styles/ (I have noted this in the ‘Styling:’ in the instructions on this page. You can copy and modify any of the existing stylesheets and your custom stylesheet will show up as an option in the settings. You will need to upload it with FTP as this plugin does not provide an interface for editing the css.

  74. John Charles Says:

    Good morning: I may be pushing the limits of your willingness to assist – but – I must ask… I am trying to make the quotes appear in reverse order, is that done in the ‘styles’ file? Again, thanks for any help.

  75. Aidan Says:

    When I have time I might add a sorting feature but at the moment there isn’t one. I always use random anyway so don’t have a need for it personally. The only workaround I can suggest it to delete your quotes and re-enter them in the order you want them in.

  76. John Charles Says:

    Aidan, thanks for the reply and suggestion. Looking forward to a sorting feature.

  77. nonegiven Says:


    This is just off the cuff, but perhaps it would be possible to extract quotes from WordPress posts and pages, e.g. using a bespoke tag, like [fqr] … [/fqr] in any article would pull that text to quote it in the quoted area.

    You might consider adding a radio button, or publish option, to switch on and off quotes as per usual behaviour.

    Would it be possible to edit the css from within a modified flexi-quote-rotator.php page?

  78. David North Says:

    I add this to one of the sites I support – http://www.haroldshank.com. It cause the page to hang up loading. It seems to continually run. When I deactivate it the site is back to normal. WP 2.7.1.

    any suggestions as to what to try?

  79. Aidan Says:

    Seems like a conflict between scriptaculous and jquery libraries. Try turning off whatever plugin is using jquery.

  80. Chrisgooding Says:

    Hi, firstly, great plugin, especially due to the addition of the styling of the css elements.

    Like some others here, I am having issues with this working on ie!

    I have checked for script clashes, but it fails even when on its own….. but I see yours works.

    This is very odd, and any help will be greatly appreciated.

  81. Aidan Says:

    @Chrisgooding: A link would be useful

  82. khaldoon Says:

    hi,thank you for this plugin
    i have a little problem that it dose not work in enternet explorer it works i firefox
    on the enternet explorer it appear loading…
    just that no qoute appears
    if you please to tell me who to make it work,

  83. Aidan Says:

    @khaldoon: It works fine in IE. You should notice that the example on this page is working in IE. You may have a conflict with other plugins or scripts. Can you provide a link to where it is not working?

  84. Josh Arcadia Says:

    Can u see on my website? cronicasdesalud.com
    I can change the color even when I went to the CSS and changed it and aligning too

  85. Aidan Says:

    @Josh Arcadia: It is not working on your web page, the shortcode is showing up directly, it’s not getting processed. They may be something wrong with the way you are entering it, why is it wrapped in <code> tags?

  86. matthew moore Says:

    did anyone figure out about the javascript. I have dynamic feature content and the normal one ..they both use javascript and mootools …but if have this enable it breaks them. Is there a fix ?

  87. Chris Jones Says:

    Hi. I have installed this Ok and added some quotes . The css looks OK but the quotes are not loading. Any ideas?
    Am using WP2.7 and very few plugins
    url: http://www.personal-injury-accident-compensation.co.uk/2009/05/27/testimonial/

    Am using this on another site with no probs. Great plugin!

  88. Aidan Says:

    @Chris: It’s a Javascript library conflict – you have some other plugin inserting jquery library and it conflicts with scriptaculous. Try deactivating other plugin.

  89. Scott Prock Says:

    Hi Aidan, thank you for such a great plugin, I had the fatal error mentioned in comment #44 and your fix suggestion in #46 fixed the fatal error but now it’s just saying “loading quotes”

    This is a test installation for a client while I build it up, and the only plugin active is the Flexi Quote on WP 2.7.1 and Flexi Quote 0.1.3

    Any ideas? … I can give you admin access if needed … Thanks … Scott

  90. Scott Prock Says:

    I forgot to include the link to the test site … http://pete.100foldpro.com

  91. Aidan Says:

    @Scott Prock: The script is not getting inserted in your header – check your template file setup – do you have wp_head()?

  92. Scott Prock Says:

    very odd .. I didn’t have the wp_head and now I don’t get anything, I’ll look back at the answers to that problem to see if I can fix it

  93. Scott Prock Says:

    Nope, can’t find a fix, I wonder if something in my template is using jquery? Other than that I’m lost as it’s the only plugin right now active.

  94. Aidan Says:

    yes, that’s the problem now – /wp-content/themes/memex/js/jquery-1.2.6.pack.js

  95. ggirl Says:

    Hi – when I go to the Quotes page in Manage and try to add a quote it won´t save anything. The page just reloads with a blank form. If I install the widget it states no quotes found. Is their an easy solution? I upgraded to the new version and am using wordpress hosted by Yahoo. Thanks!

  96. Aidan Says:

    @ggirl – you appear to be having same problem as reported earlier (26,51,54). What version of the plugin do you have? If you provide me with login by contact form I can take a look.

  97. poonam Says:

    Hey there, I love your plugin, thank you:) I seem to be having a problem with controlling the speed. I go into the widgets and type in varying speeds and fade times, but it doesn’t seem to change. Any ideas?

  98. Aidan Says:

    @ggirl – after doing some troubleshooting on your system, I’ve tracked down the problem – the ‘author’ column is missing in wp_QuoteRotator table. The reason why it is missing is that for some strange reason you do not have ALTER TABLE permission on your MySQL database. You can contact your hosting provider to rectify that situation.

    Quick Workaround: maunally add an ‘author’ column to the table using phpMyAdmin.

  99. Aidan Says:

    @poonam – as noted in the instructions above, Settings entered directly in shortcode or PHP override the settings saved in the administration settings

  100. Annual Redesign Time | Randa Clay Design Says:

    […] FlexiQuote Rotator – to manage my testimonials […]

  101. Rob Says:

    Great plugin. Will it, or should it, work in 2.8? I tested on a clients WP site and quotes did not show. The only other plugin I have installed is Google Analyticator.

  102. Kane Says:

    Does this work on WP2.8? Luke Howell’s doesn’t and I’m trying to find a replacement.

  103. Ben Frain Says:

    I have this running nicely on a 2.8 WordPress site. Only problem is the code it generates does not validate. Look at any site with this plugin running using the validator at http://www.w3.org and you’ll see it generates invalid code.

  104. Aidan Says:

    Thanks for confirming it runs on 2.8. I can add CDATA tags around the onpage JavaScript in future release so that it is ignored by validators.

  105. wwwindi Says:

    Hi! Of course, thank you for this handy little tool.
    I did the workaround you mentioned in comment #46:

    global $quoteRotator;
    echo $quoteRotator->getQuoteCode();

    That worked great in my php enabled widget. However, now I have the title of the widget “About Me” appearing twice? What can I modify to remove the italicized version of the title?

  106. wwwindi Says:

    NEVERMIND – I found the fix! Thank you anyway.

  107. 5Circles Says:

    Hi Aidan, this works as advertised and is the best documented of the tools I’ve looked at – thanks!

    But, maybe I’m odd in this regard, but I only want a single quote to show up when a page is loaded. I don’t think it is possible to configure your plugin that way. I don’t think I’m up to making the modifications. Is it something you’ve been asked for?


  108. Aidan Says:

    Ah, flexi-quote-rotator without the ‘rotator’ bit… Since it’s just removing functionality should be easy enough to do, but can’t say when I’ll have a chance (or need) to get around to it. In the meantime maybe you could just add a super long delay so that effectively the quotes wouldn’t rotate.

  109. Casey Says:

    I downloaded the plugin and receive a stack overflow error at line 0 whenever I try to load it in IE, and does not work at all in FireFox. Was wondering if anyone else has had this issue. I am running Quote Rotator version 0.1.3 and WordPress version 2.7.1

  110. scott Says:

    Do search engines index the content of the quotes?

  111. Chris Says:

    Just wanted to note that this plugin is not compatible with Featured Content Gallery. My guess is that it’s the same JS library issue that others were having. Makes me sad to not be able to use such a great plugin.

  112. Aidan Says:

    @scott: most likely not since they are inserted with Javascript

  113. scott Says:

    As long as you’re answering, any way to add fade out option? Great plugin!

  114. Aidan Says:

    not currently

  115. Patrick Says:

    This plugin is a perfect fit for what I was looking for, but it appears to have lost all visual appeal when I put in in my index.php.

    As you can see at thespartana.net (below the section titled “Everything Else”), all formatting has been stripped and I’m just left with a giant 8 and the quote text.

    I appreciate any help you can offer.

  116. Aidan Says:

    @Patrick – check your styles settings for the plugin – the plugin stylesheet does not appear to be set properly. Read not on styling above for more info.

  117. Martin Says:

    As someone also mentioned earlier, I am have trouble with the quote html validating.
    You mentioned something about CDATA. How can I adjust my files to get the validation fixed?

  118. Kenneth Henderson Says:

    An Easy 10-min fix to make it validate:

    Open: quote-rotator.class.php

    Found in the wp-content/plugins/flexi-quote-rotator/classes folder.

    Go to about line 221 and you should see this:
    echo "<script type=\"text/javascript\">\n";

    right below that add this:
    echo "//<![CDATA[\n";

    Then go down to where it says:
    echo "</script>";

    and right above that you add:
    echo "//]]>\n";

    save and now it should validate.

    Note to Aidan: Grrr… Now! :)

  119. Aidan Says:

    Thanks Kenneth!

  120. kevin Says:

    Great Plugin –
    Is it possible to have the quotes fade out smoothly? Now it just disappears before the new quote fades in.
    I took a look at the code, but not sure how to add a fade-out.

  121. Dan Says:

    Please help. I’ve been using the plugin on XAMPP without any problems. Today I tried using the plugin on a live server and I cannot add quotes. When I enter the quote and click on “Add Quote”, nothing gets saved. I tried re-installing he plugin, no success.
    Thank you so much for your help and great plugin

  122. Aidan Says:

    @Dan – check response 98 to see if you are having same issue

  123. Aidan Says:

    @Kevin – I’ve no plans to work on that at the moment. But if anyone else has a go at it, let us know.

  124. kazimirr Says:

    Thank you for the very usefull plugin. But I can’t use it.
    My blog is in Russian and I want use Russian quotes. But there are only “??????????” in the sidebar (and in admin menu after saving too)instead of normal letters.
    I think you must add supporting of Unicode (or something like that) for using your plugin with non-English sites

  125. Martin Granger Says:

    @Kenneth Henderson

    Thanks for the great info on how to resolve the validation issue! worked like a charm. Post 118 for others that need to get it to validate.

  126. Martin Granger Says:

    Is there any way to get it to show say the latest 5 posts from a particular category?

  127. Aidan Says:

    @Martin Granger: That would require customisation.

  128. Jeff H Says:

    I have a lot of qoutes, and noticed that they show up in the source and push the body html way down. Does this affect my SEO? Does google take the quotes into account when indexing pages?
    P.S. Love the plug-in, by the way.

  129. Aidan Says:

    @Jeff H: The script is in the head so no negative impact for SEO. Also see response 112.

  130. bbjames_perfection Says:

    This is an incredible plugin. I tested it on my local installation and was about to implement it on my other live blog when I noticed the “Done, but with errors on page.” on the status bar. This also happens on the Dashboard when I’m on the “Qoutes” settings page.

    Anyone has been through his and fixed it and come out unscathed?

  131. Aidan Says:

    @bbjames_perfection: Sounds like it could be clash with Javascript libraries. Try:
    1. open Javascript console to see where error is coming from
    2. deactivate all other plugins to see if error goes away, then reactivate 1 by 1 until you find which one is clashing
    3. if you cant figure anything out, post a link here

  132. Tom Says:

    Has anyone figured out how to hack this widget so it can appear in multiple sidebars? Currently it can only be used in one sidebar type on *one* page.


  133. Jake Gevorgian Says:

    Hi, first off, thanks for this excellently crafted WordPress plugin. Its dunctionality is one and yet to be seen on any other plugin.

    The only small problem I’m having in our website is:

    This plugin gets in conflict with Slimbox and/or Thickbox — Lightbox — type of image sliders/viewers.

    I’d appreciate it very much, if you give an attention to this issue. Right now I’ve disabled Flexi rotator in our website. I’d like to reactivate it and use it again upon solvation. Also, should you need cooperation on testing Flexi rotator, please do email me.

    Thanks in advance!


  134. Carrie Says:

    I’ve got images at the top left of all my quotes and a few images of flags in the bottom right (see website link) – I’ve uploaded larger flags but they’re coming in distorted even though I’ve downsized them, not blow up the original small ones (see Australian flag in the Stowe quote). Just wondering – could this distortion be a transformation the plugin is making? Thanks

  135. Aidan Says:

    it’s just outputting html so check your html outside of quote rotator

  136. Juan Says:

    Help me,
    No charged the Quotes, no render in html page, HELP ME PLEASE, Sugestions

  137. Lisa Says:

    Hi there
    I can’t get the quote rotator to appear properly. The quotes show up in the sidebar great, rotate great, etc. but I can’t get the title to disappear and it doesn’t appear as it shows in your demo in the rounded-corner box, etc. Help!? It is installed as a widget in my sidebar.

  138. Naomi Says:

    Thanks for the nice plugin!

    I’ve got the widget with white text on a colorful background. When it fades in, there’s like a dark shadowing behind the text. Is there any way to take that out?


  139. Aidan Says:

    probably can be adjusted in css – if you send me a link I’ll have a look

  140. Cassel Says:

    I cannot seem to be able to activate it. I get a Fatal Error message:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class quoterotatormanagement in /home/creas1/public_html/creationcassel/blog/wp-content/plugins/flexi-quote-rotator/classes/quote-rotator-management.class.php on line 5

    Any help available?

  141. Aidan Says:

    @Cassel: Do you also happen to have the quote-rotator plugin (the original plugin that flexi-quote-rotator is based on) installed? If that’s the case you would need to de-activate it first.

  142. bcswebstudio Says:

    New to WP and this plugin.. Just wanted to point out that on a site using this plugin, I noticed in LiveHeaders that a 403 Forbidden was getting thrown for what turns out to have been the default installation of this Quote Rotator plugin for /wp-content/plugins/flexi-quote-rotator/styles/ . To fix, I just went to the plugin settings page and clicked submit/apply with “None” for stylesheet selected. It appeared to have been on “None” but was never applied, so Quote Rotator was trying insert the above styles path with not .css specified.

  143. Aidan Says:

    @bcswebstudio Thanks for letting me know. I would not have expected that to happen since the code is testing for file_exists before inserting the stylesheet. I’ll have to look at it again.

  144. Seetotheody Says:

    @Aidan: I’ve got a new problem (from what I can read above)

    The snippet code works in post/page, but the php snippet absolutely refuses to work anywhere (I am trying to include it in my footer) – and forces everything below the entry to disappear.

    Nothing in console either. I’m baffled.

    http://www.familyofficenetwork.com/uncategorized/quote-test/ to see what I’m working with.

    Thanks a million.


  145. Aidan Says:

    @Cody: did you try just plain one –
    < ?php echo $quoteRotator->getQuoteCode(); ?>

    also check that if where you are inserting it is already inside php tags then it is just –
    echo $quoteRotator->getQuoteCode();

    otherwise it just something to do with the html/css on your page. Check the html source to see if there is any output.

  146. chris Says:

    great plugin folks! i’ve been experimenting with it for a bit. Can i just ask though, how do i use it to display different testimonials throughout different sections of our site? am unable to do so through the admin end it seems.

  147. Aidan Says:

    @chris: it doesn’t have that feature

  148. Cas Says:

    I can’t get the PHP snippet to work at all – it gives me: Fatal error: Call to a member function getQuoteCode() on a non-object – latest version of WordPress, all other plugins disabled.

    Also – it conflicts with the Admin Menu plugin – when that is activated the menu item “Quotes” under Tools disappears completely. I’m guessing the access level isn’t set correctly on that item, because I can still see the “Quote Rotator” under Settings.

  149. Aidan Says:

    @Cas: you would get that error if it is not installed correctly, i.e. the $quoteRotator object would not exist – check that it is installed correctly.

    I’m not familiar with admin menu plugin. Access level is set to 10. You can try editing it on line 72 of flexi-quote-rotator.php.

  150. Cas Says:

    Hmm – here’s what I did –

    1. Upload ‘flexi-quote-rotator’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
    2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

    Here’s another thought – I’m using a child theme of Thematic, which uses jQuery. Looks like because of the conflicts, I can’t use Flexi-Quote-Rotator.

    Maybe putting something to the effect of “If your theme uses jQuery, Flexi-Quote-Rotator may not work for you” in your FAQ section would save yourself and others some troubleshooting time?

    I’m sad that I can’t use it – You have a great plugin here, thanks for all your hard work, and thanks for helping me and others troubleshoot. I appreciate your time and guidance.

  151. J Starkman Says:

    Love the plugin and design, but although it seemed to install okay, and I added several quotes, when I open the page to take a look it says “Loading quotes” but never actually loads them… Suggestions?

  152. J Starkman Says:

    Sorry–just looked through the posts and can clarify. How do I tell which other plugin might be using jquery? And if it’s not that, where do I put in wp_head. Sorry for the newbie q’s, but I am indeed a newbie at this. :-)

  153. Jennifer Starkman Says:

    Trying to use the shortcode to insert a rotating quote on my static front page. The quotation box shows up, but no words/quotation. I’m using the following plugins:

    Add From Server
    Category Page
    Category Page Extender
    Editor Extender
    Filosofo Home-Page Control
    One Click Plugin Updater
    The Attached Image
    and of course Flexi-Quote Rotator

    Any suggestions? I’d really rather not put the quotes into my theme or sidebar using php or a widget, since they’re already pretty crowded.

  154. Dann Says:

    Nice plugin. Works brilliant. Any work arounds to get IE do the fading in as nice as in FF?

  155. Travis Says:

    Props on the plugin sir. Couple of feature requests (well, one feature request and one plugin-spin off idea)

    1. Option to have the quote fade out instead of just disappearing before the next quote fades in.

    2. This plugin, set up exactly as it is, but it grabs Twitter posts from a customizable list of Twitter users (like w/ the quotes), parses out the @replies and outputs them in the same way as this plugin. I HATE Twitter plugins that output tweets in unordered lists.

  156. Andrew Says:

    Hey there – any possibility of ever making the plugin a bit more abstracted and let people choose what JS framework to use? It seems it shouldn’t be too complex to make the plugin use, for example, jQuery, which is very quickly becoming the most popular javascript library for convenient little plugins/scripts like this. Quite a few plugins are now adding options to choose the JS framework for that very reason (Shadowbox WP plugin, for example). Anyway, just wanted to voice some support for the idea of adding jQuery support. :)

  157. Roseann Says:

    Nice plugin, I added several quotes and then put [quoteRotator title="Poker Quotes" delay="1" fade="4"] on one of the pages. When I go to the page it says “Poker
    Loading Quotes… ” and never comes back. If I just put in [quoteRotator] I get quotes, but it does not seem to work in ie, it works in firefox and safari. The site I am working on is lifeontilt.com

  158. Aidan Says:

    @Roseann – it could be a library conflict – looks like you have some plugin using jquery. Disable all other plugins to verify. Then see if you can modify settings so that the conflicting plugin and this one do not appear on same page if that’s possible.

  159. Alex Says:

    I’m having trouble with this plugin conflicting with another. (Featured Content Gallery)

    Is it possible to have both?

  160. zentode Says:

    For inserting into a template, I just wipe the narrow-plain.css template blank and save.

    I also leave the quote rotators title blank.

    Then I put this div wherever I want the quotes to show up. div style=”margin-top:15px;margin-left:15px;padding:0;position:absolute;”>getQuoteCode(“”, 30, 4); ?> div

    This allows me to have just the quotes appear, cleanly wherever I want on the page. I can also add more style tags to the div as well.

    My little contribution here is far from the perfect solution but, works for my needs and is easy to manipulate.

  161. zentode Says:

    Sorry, the original comment was stripped of code. The other example showed up but, don’t forget your starting and ending div tag format…
    < then

  162. zentode Says:

    getQuoteCode(“”, 30, 4); ?>

  163. zentode Says:

    Sorry folks, cannot post the code here… Just wont work…

  164. Ben Says:

    Love your Quote Rotator. Works great. Only one feature suggestion. variable timer for each quote. This would allow long time for long quotes and shorter for short quotes.

  165. Bob s Says:

    Hey – I love this thing, but how come no ‘donate’ button? I’d love to throw a few bucks your way as a thankyou for a stellar piece of work

  166. Jennifer Starkman Says:

    Still waiting on an answer for my question back in December. Tried disabling other plugins and still no luck with the shortcode. Any suggestions?

  167. Aidan Says:

    @Jennifer: If you send me a link to a page where you’ve set it up, I’ll take a look.

  168. Raphael Says:

    The settings options in the admin panel is redundant for the widget. After filling in the settings options, they do not update the quote widget.

  169. Aidan Says:

    @Raphael – Yes, for widget the settings are in the widget settings. This is mentioned in the instructions.

  170. Dwaynne Says:

    Hi, guys I try to add this plugin to my WP 2.9.2 install ( and get the following error:
    Fatal error:
    Call to a member function getQuoteCode() on a non-object in /home/tatec0cu/public_html/wp-content/themes/tateco/header.php on line 63

    any idea why?

  171. Aidan Says:

    @Dwaynne – see comment #46 (I’ve also added a note in usage, point 3. in the readme)

  172. John Says:

    I got a similar error. I used to use the original Quote Rotator plugin and had to deactivate that first.

  173. Aidan Says:

    @John – Thanks for letting us know that, it may be the cause of problems for some people. This plugin should not be used together with the original Quote Rotator plugin.

  174. JustMe Says:

    Is there a way to change to setting to allow the quotes to rotate more than once?

  175. Hodari Says:


    I enjoy your plugin. I recently upgraded; and now I don’t know how to change the background color of the text box. The color of the text box has changed for two of my websites:
    http://www.LifelinesProverbs.com -and-

    I would appreciate any help you could offer to get my yellow boxes back.


  176. Hodari Says:

    Greetings again, I neglected to include the specific pages:



    Again, I would appreciate any help you could offer.


  177. Hodari Says:

    Just in case you see this message, I figured out how to change the colors. I am new to WordPress, so forgive my ignorance. I try… smile.

    Thanks for the plugin.

  178. Aidan Says:

    the quotes automatically rotate back around when the end is reached

  179. Kathleen Says:

    Hi Aidan, thanks for a great plugin. :) Question…I’m using the widget version of this in the sidebar. I’ve loaded a variety of quotes in different lengths. I want this widget to appear in the top of the sidebar. It works great! The only problem…when the quotes fade in and out, the size of the quote changes the whole layout of the page (longer quotes make the page longer, shorter quotes make it jump back to a smaller footprint). Is there a way to make the quote appear in a fixed area, instead of it dynamically changing the size of the whole sidebar every time a new quote loads?

  180. Aidan Says:

    @Kathleen – That can be controlled with your stylesheet by adding a rule to set the height of the containing element.

  181. Karl Says:

    Lovely rotator, but would we awesome if it was possible somehow to list ALL quotes on a single page. I am using it for testimonials, and need a page to “view all” testimonials …

  182. david G Says:

    @Aidan @Kathleen –
    could you be more specific about what needs to be done to set the height to be fixed?

  183. Mario Medina Says:

    The name “Quote Rotator” appears at the top of the rotator on my site. What am I doing wrong that’s making this appear? In the admin area, I named it something else, but this is what still shows up. Thanks in advance for your help!

  184. Mario Medina Says:

    OK, figured out the answer to my noob question. Thanks!

  185. paul Says:

    “That can be controlled with your stylesheet by adding a rule to set the height of the containing element.”

    Aidan, could you write the rule for us less skilled folks and tell us where and how to insert it? Or could you maybe make that a default and issue an updated version? I don’t know how to do it and will have to deactivate it as a result. Too bad cuz I really like it a lot. You’ve got a great widget here. Pleeeeeeease update?? Thanks for listening.

  186. Aidan Says:

    @paul – you can add a style like this to your stylesheet (change the 200px to whatever height works for you):

    #quoterotator {
    height: 200px;

  187. Alicia Says:

    I’m using the widget version in the sidebar. The name “Quote Rotator” appears at the top of the rotator on my site. In the admin area, I named it something else, but this is what still shows up. It was working before the latest update. TIA!

  188. Hal Says:

    Love the plugin. Tried an earlier version, but it caused slow page loading. Not an issue now though.

    Like others above I have the quotes in my sidebar and I want to set a fixed height. I see the code you suggest above and I know where my style sheets are, but I am not sure where to put the code.

    Sorry for the silly question, but what can I say?

  189. Linda Says:

    Is it possible to dictate which quotes appear on each page by their IDs. As in for page A I want quotes id 1 and 5 to appear and for page B I want quotes 4 and 9 to appear?

  190. Linda Says:

    Is it possible to specify which quotes appear on which page by their ids. As in if I want quote 3 and 5 to appear on page A and quote 2 and 7 to appear in page B?

  191. Lana Says:

    Hi. The plugin was working fine with a few quotes. My client added more — total of 125. Now getting message “Loading Quotes” but they don’t load. Is there a limit to the number of quotes? Thanks!

  192. Lana Says:

    It’s working again :-) I deleted the widget and reactivated it.

  193. divyadeep Says:

    i want to know how can i use this widget on more than one sidebars

  194. Tibor Says:

    Hi and thx for making this plugin!

    After updating to the latest version, I have the following problem:

    in between qoutes, it seems that the space the div takes is also disappearing, which makes the div below it hop up & down between quotes, no matter how I set the #quoterotator.

    Could it be something with the #quotearea ?

    thx in advance.

  195. Tibor Says:

    Update: I fixed it by adding an extra div around #quoterotator, in quote-rotator.class.php, and gave that extra div a fixed height in my CSS.

  196. Hal Says:

    Tibor: I want to do the same thing. Can you be more specific in terms of what you did and where you did it? Thanks!

  197. Melanie Says:

    My website just says Loading Quotes… A few other people had the same problem but I couldn’t find a solution posted anywhere. ANY IDEAS PLEASE?!

  198. Aidan Says:

    @Melanie: it means the JavaScript is not working. Most common cause for this is a clash with other plugins. To troubleshoot, disable all other plugins and check again. Make sure javascript is enabled in your browser.

  199. Hal Says:

    Aidan – Are you able to provide some help or future functionality to allow widget to be a certain height and to prevent the output from subsequent widgets from jumping up and down based on the quote length? I think I want to do what Tibor did (see 195 above), but I don’t know how to do this.

  200. Anton Says:

    Hello Aidan,
    Thanks for the plugin. Is there a way to set the limit for characters to display?


  201. Kathi Sharpe Says:

    Hi, love the ease of use for this widget but wanting it to do two things –

    #1 – I want a fixed area that the quotes are displayed in. Currently the quote displays, deletes, displays, deletes — it looks like flashing!!

    #2 – I’d like it to do exactly what it does, but then display a list of all quotes on a separate page. Is this possible?


  202. Zoe Says:


    Thanks for an awesome plugin… :)

    @Kenneth Henderson

    Thanks for the fix, unfortunately it doesn’t work for me – I am overhauling my site and the last thing I need to do it make it validate, and I’m sooooo close!!

    You said to go to line 221, but my file only goes up to line 197 and the line you quoted doesn’t exist in my file – I only have :


    or some variant of it…

    Did you perhaps have an earlier version of the plugin? Do you have any idea how I can fix mine? (0.2) ?

    I would really appreciate any help – from anyone!!

    Thanks in advance :)

  203. Zoe Says:

    Scratch that – I got it to work – thanks again for a great plugin and @Kenneth Henderson – thanks for the solution – I pasted it somewhere else and it worked great :)

  204. Deborah Says:

    The plugin was working fantastically, then I upgraded the plugin recently and the title keepps coming up as ‘Quote Rotator’ instead of what I put in the settings area. Has anyone come across this and solved it? Thanks

  205. Anni Says:

    Love this plugin but I’m having a small issue. The HTML is not rendering in the widget. I tried to find the lines in the fix mentioned earlier, but this version is obviously newer.
    It is not a huge issue, but would like to be able to provide direct links to sites from the widget.
    I have tried adding it in the quote area and the author area to no avail….any ideas.

    This is the code snippet

    from SANDS SA

    *added spaces so it wouldn’t render in the comment. Also even though I put double quotation marks ” when it saved it reverted to apostrophes ‘

  206. Anni Says:

    Ok sorry about posting twice but the code rendered anyway even with the extra paces will try again. This time I have removed the opening and closing tags

    a href=’http://www.sandssa.org’ target=’_new’ / from SANDS SA /a

  207. Aidan Says:

    @Anni – just tested it and it works fine with anchor tags added. Your quote characters don’t look right – try with double quotes.

  208. Mika Says:

    No matter what title I put, it always comes up as ‘Quote Rotator` ! Any solution to this ? (using the widget method)

  209. Chris Says:

    Works flawlessly in Firefox, but I’m having a slight issue in IE that I can’t diagnose. The text renders with what looks like about 80-90% opacity (i.e. all quote text looks light…but only in IE).

    I’m matching the style of other widgets so I need a very close match and in IE it’s not working.

    Any ideas?

  210. angela Says:

    My font doesn’t appear clear in the sidebar widget. I can’t read any of the text at all. Any suggestions?

  211. Aidan Says:

    you could try the older version of the plugin which used the scriptaclous library instead of jquery – it may make a difference in IE

  212. Chris Says:

    Thanks for the quick reply Aidan. I’ll give it a try. And thanks for the awesome plugin.

  213. Andy Says:

    Can you tell me why large fonts look so bad using this? They are very choppy looking. I’ve also tried to use a custom.css file but nothing I add to it will take effect with regard to fonts.

  214. Andy Says:

    Not sure why my previous post was deleted. Is there a fix for rendering the fonts (especially larger ones) in IE? The text looks fine in Firefox but in IE is very choppy and grainy. I’ve look thru all the posts above but don’t see a resolution.

  215. Andy Says:

    Oh… and I should say… I love the plug-in… exactly what I was looking for. Just need it to look better in IE.

  216. Greame Says:

    Hi Aidan

    This plugin is just what I’m looking for. I have been using it on a local development site and it worked just fine, anyway my problem is that I have uploaded to a live website and it states no quotes found, although I can see the quotes and author tables are in phpadmin. Have you any ideas why this might not work?

    Another point is that the starting quote appears to be always the same and not random? Any ideas why this may not be working correctly.

    I want to thank you for providing such a good plugin, and I’m sure give it time I will be able to find solutions to these problems.



  217. Steve Says:

    Is there any way to get the space taken to be consistent? When I use both long and short quotes there is a “jerkiness” as it transitions. And if I have widgets below the quote rotator those widgets jump up and down depending on quote size. A consistent size that is based on the longest quote would be optimum in my opinion.

  218. Kees van heijden Says:


    Is it possible to use this plugin in conjuction with WPML? Because I don’t know how.



  219. Lawrence Says:

    Hi Aidan!

    I love your plugin but I am having a problem inserting the php code into the sidebar.

    I have tried pasting

    getQuoteCode(); ?>

    As well as

    getQuoteCode(); ?>

    but neither seems to work. The widget and shortcodes work fine but I am trying to show the quotes at the top of my sidebar.

    I am using wordpress 3.0.1

    Any help is appreciated, thanks!


  220. Lloyd Slapar Says:

    We really like the Quote Rotator. The one thing I’m wondering is if there is a way to keep it from having a blank in the rotation with the other quotes?

  221. Jan Says:

    Hi There,
    Love the plug in, and it’s just what I was looking for, but I’m having issues styling the fonts. I’ve set the css to none, and added the styles into my main style sheet. I can contol the line-height, but not the actual font. Where is that being pulled from?
    The site is not live, but to view the page you can login.
    thanks for any pointers.

  222. The Knocksta Says:

    Guys this is a great bit of kit, however… When you run it through a web validator ( W3C ) it slings up four errors. Thus compromising an otherwise valid page.

    Is there anything you could do to perhaps tighten up the code?

    I would have a go myself but what I know about coding you could write on a mouses john thomas…



  223. lesley Says:

    Hey there,

    I am new to the plug-ins world. I have installed the quote rotator, but I don’t know how to make it actually appear on the site. Feel free to explain it to me like I am a five-year old.

    Thanks for your patience with a newbie question!!!


  224. Lou Anne Says:

    I have your great plugin on only the home page sidebar widget. However the code shows on the source code on every page on the site.

    Is this the way the plugin has to work or can it be modified to only display in the source if used on the page.

  225. Kevin Says:

    I’ve added the php to my header and works great except for one thing. When it reloads, it makes the page “skip” and looks rather odd. Any thoughts?

  226. John Rose Says:

    This is a beautiful, incredibly useful plugin. Thank you!

    One strange thing – I have 5 quotes entered in the quote section. And I CANNOT EDIT OR DELETE the first quote. The action choices don’t show up. The other quotes are fine.

    Suggestions? I need to edit or delete the first quote – the website link is wrong.

    Thanks again!

  227. Neal Says:

    Hi Aidan,

    I’m loving this plug in. I have it in a sidebar with one other widget on my home page and want to run it with two different widgets on other other pages. My Widget admin does not show Quote Rotator in the available box when it is installed in one sidebar. Is it possible to upload two versions, if so what do I need to change to make this possible?

    Kind Regards

  228. Amanda Says:

    There was a reply above about adding a fixed height to the widget area so that the quotes don’t jump around when they rotate by Tibor here:
    Update: I fixed it by adding an extra div around #quoterotator, in quote-rotator.class.php, and gave that extra div a fixed height in my CSS.
    Could you show what that code snippet would be and where it would go?
    Thanks, love the plugin.

  229. Ryan Walden Says:

    I searched and searched…and this is the perfect plugin for what I needed. I’m using it on http://www.125mgdesign.com/justin to recycle jokes for this comedian. My only problem is that once the jokes run through, it stops and won’t show any more jokes. Is there a way to run continuously–in case people are on the site for a long time?

    Thanks for such a great plugin!

  230. Aidan Says:

    @Ryan: The quotes should automatically recycle once they get to the end. You will see that happen in the example on this site. I looked at your and they seem to be looping back around ok.

  231. Todd Says:

    Has anyone else seen a problem when they open the flexi quote rotator in IE? It looks all blurry on the site, and the author especially looks weird. Any ideas?

  232. Ryan Walden Says:

    Hi Aidan-

    Thanks for the quick response. Well, that’s good that it’s looping back on your end. What browser are you using? Maybe it’s a browser issue. It’s still not “looping” for me. Man, I really, really love this plugin. Do you see a multi-location quote plugin coming anytime soon ;-)

  233. Aidan Says:

    @Ryan: Firefox, but I shouldn’t expect it to be a browser issue, it uses jQuery and should work in all modern browsers. Check your javascript console to see if there are any errors reported. You can verify that it’s looping back around on this site. One option would be to try the older version of the plugin which used the scriptaclous library instead of jquery. Looking at it again looks like it loops around sometimes and other times it stops, not necessarily at the last quote. Disable other plugins to check if there is some conflict. Check the quote data you have entered in canse there is something wierd like a blank row or something.

  234. Ryan Walden Says:

    HI Aidan- Me again…is there a definitive limit of quotes you can put in here? We have (14) now and many times it wants to just show a few quotes and stop rotating through.

    Also, how would I go about checking my javascript console for errors and where do I find the older version of this plugin?
    Thanks Adrian.

  235. Aidan Says:

    There shouldn’t be any limit.
    In Firefox it’s Tools > Error Console
    Older versions: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/flexi-quote-rotator/download/
    Try 0.1.3 – it uses a different JavaScript library – Scriptaculous instead of jQuery

  236. Steve Says:

    Hi Guys,
    Great plug in! I am using it as a sidebar widget, During the time between the quotes, The widget size/height compacts (see site) causing the whole bottom of the theme, below the plugin to jump. Is there any way to fix this jumping or code the plugin to a fixed height, even bewteen quotes?

  237. mahesh chavan Says:

    HI Aidan

    The snippet code works in post/page, but the php snippet absolutely refuses to work anywhere (I am trying to include it in my footer / header ) – and forces everything below the entry to disappear.

    Nothing in console either. I’m baffled.

    please help me.

    Thanks a million.

    mahesh chavan

  238. Steve Says:

    Sorry, was reading back posts and found the answer.

  239. Steve Says:

    It”s me again. I have tried all the suggestions above but the page still jumps between quotes loading. Can someone post the code here to correct this problem. Make the quote box a fixed height for a WP widget

  240. Brian Says:


    Can you please help me implement a solution for setting a fixed height for the quote widget. Right now the Quote Rotator widget is causing my other widgets to “jump” every time a new quote loads.

    Thank You,

  241. Aidan Says:

    @Brian: in your stylesheet, set the div with the id quotearea to have a fixed height e.g.
    #quotearea {
    height: 80px;

  242. Ryan Walden Says:


    I followed your advice and ran it through the “error console.”” I got a syntax error, but nothing major as for as showing conflict for another plugin. I have been able to determine that this problem is only on the home page (on the inner pages, the jokes rotate forever). Can I pay you to diagnose this page and figure out why these jokes stop at a certain point and don’t continue to rotate?

    It would really help me. Thank you Aidan.

  243. Ryan Walden Says:


    Nevermind. I found the problem. It was a content slider that I was using (smooth slider) that was causing the problem. This works perfectly. Now, I just need to find another slider ;-) Have a great weekend.

  244. Ron Rattner Says:

    After sending my prior message, I discovered this in the Firefox error console:
    “Error: quoteRotator is not defined
    Source File: http://sillysutras.com/
    Line: 478″

  245. Amy Says:

    Please can you make it so that this is compatible with version 3.0.1 of wordpress.
    Thanks in advance!
    I love this plugin!

  246. Aidan Says:

    @Amy: It already is.

  247. Jon Says:

    Great Plugin! I’m wondering if there is a way to add a cufon font to the plugin. I am using the all-in-one cufon plugin for wordpress and if I target #footer or .widgets or #quoterotator the cufon font will effect the widget but only the first occurrence (in this case the “loading quotes…”). As soon as the quotes begin to rotate the cufon is lost. Any ideas?

    Thanks again for a great plugin!

  248. Aidan Says:

    Sorry don’t know anything about cufon fonts but I would assume you specify them in the css as you would with a normal font. The css can be customised for the quote rotator so you should specify any fonts there. There are some notes on styling above.

  249. Christian Says:

    FYI. The website listed is being worked on before the real domain name is set to it. It’s backend on my own server for now…

    Anyway, great potential plugin, but I have tried almost everything to get this thing to work, but it will not adjust the length of delay no matter what I do. I’m using it in pure widget form, no shortcode.

    I have turned off every other plugin.

    I tried to use the previous version of the plugin but got the perpetual “loading quotes…” message with no quotes.

    The name of the widget stays and can be adjusted, but the time remains about 5 seconds between rotation, no matter what I do.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.

  250. edd gonzalez Says:

    the plugin is not working with utf-8 content. pity!

  251. JP Says:

    As many have mentioned above, this plugin works great in every browser except for IE. In IE the text looks very jagged, especially the italicized span. See screenshot here:

    Anyone find a workaround for this?

  252. Robert Lilly Says:

    This is a great plugin! Is there a way to make it work with posts, or excerpts from posts? Or do I have to manually put all the quotes in?



  253. Jeff Says:

    Thanks Aiden! Works great, my “wish” is that I could display a set of quotes for each page.

  254. Dan Says:

    Aiden, I have the same problem as noted by several previous posters…that is the Quote Rotator widget is causing my other widgets to “jump” every time a new quote loads. As suggested in my stylesheet, I set the div with the id quotearea to have a fixed height like what is shown.
    #quotearea {
    height: 80px;

    However, the problem persists. I have tested in IE7, 8 and FF 3.6.

    Can you recommend a solution or maybe visit the site and see if I’m missing something?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  255. S Says:


    I’m looking for the parts of the code you mentioned, but it’s just not there in that file:

    Open: quote-rotator.class.php

    Go to about line 221 and you should see this:
    echo “\n”;

    Then go down to where it says:
    echo “”;

    Where do I add this? What I have is:

  256. S Says:

    Never mind, I found the fix. If you want I’ll post it, it’s a little different from what’s shown above. But now there’s another slight issue that I’m having trouble tracking down. The box that the widget is in sort of changes size. I’ve modified the css as per the instructions above, but that doesn’t address the issue of the actual box that houses the widget changing size. It’s not a big issue now, as I have nony help would be appreciated :)

  257. S Says:

    It’s not a big issue now, as I have no boxes beneath it, but if I want to keep it that way, I can never place additional sidebar widgets beneath it, so I would like to address this issue. Any help would be appreciated :)

    Sorry, my computer went wonky and I had to repost this part… :/

  258. Aidan Says:

    @Dan (+ S + anyone having a problem with widget height fluctuation): The ID on the widget on your page is actually ‘quote’ instead of ‘quotearea’. So this will css will solve the issue:
    #quote {
    height: 200px;
    I will try to add a configuration option for height in future release (when I get around to it)

  259. Dan Says:

    Thanks Aidan, works like a charm now. Looks Great!!

  260. richard Says:

    hey aidan… this plugin is wonderful and other than the whole global $quoteRotator; needed for the template function i have never had a problem with it.

    until now.

    i have installed it (v 0.2) on a MU version of 3.0.1 but some weird things are happening… i am able to add quotes in the admin of the site whos backend i installed the plugin intially, but even though it is set for network usage i cannot add quotes on other sites.

    any idea what is going on?

    also, just a suggestion for future updates, make it where i can have quotes throughout the MU install so that some are global (for lack of a better word) which are displayed throughout the network and some are just for that specfic blog

  261. Aidan Says:

    @richard – I’ve never tested it in MU environment so I’m not even sure if it’s compatible. If anyone reading this has used it in MU, please share your experience.

  262. richard Says:

    ah, im sorry, i thought i read in the changelog somewhere that you had done some testing with mu, no worries, i am sure i can muddle through it.

  263. Aidan Says:

    let us know if you find anything out that could be of use to other MU users.
    Cheers, Aidan

  264. gringo Says:

    Sounds like Tibor’s solution of inserting a new div tag is the only way to reliably fix the height. I’m handy with CSS, but have no idea how to put this into the php file. Anyone with a clue and a good example?

  265. Kenny Frank Says:


    We are using the Flexi Quote rotator on a client site and, it appears, that the initial quote doesn’t show up for a time equivalent to the length of the delay which leaves the quote container empty for that period. Since we are using a longer delay this problem is very noticeable.

    Is there a way to force the first quote to show immediately and then move into the delay instead of the other way around?


  266. N Grant Says:

    Also having the height issue with quote rotator but more troublesome is this error message.

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/itspurpl/public_html/staging/Bootstrap/wp-content/plugins/flexi-quote-rotator/classes/quote-rotator.class.php:393) in /home/itspurpl/public_html/staging/Bootstrap/wp-admin/theme-editor.php on line 89

    Its only on staging server right now but I am hesitant to even activate it on the live site.

  267. gringo Says:

    Working great. Managed to change CSS to fix the height issue. Works in IE 6, Safari, Firefox etc.

    However in IE 7 only the first line and a half appear, even though the real estate for the whole box is there.

    You can check it out here:
    It’s implemented as a widget in the right hand blue column.

    Any clues?

  268. Aidan Says:

    It’s a css issue – I see you have:

    #quoterotator {

    In IE7 it is getting cut off at 32px so you need to increase that value

  269. Nitesh Says:


    We are using the Flexi Quote rotator on a client site and, it appears, that it is not compatible with ie7.any idea about this problem

  270. Robyn Says:


    We are using the Flexi Quote rotator on a client site and, it appears, that the initial quote doesn’t show up for a time equivalent to the length of the delay which leaves the quote container empty for that period. Since we are using a longer delay this problem is very noticeable.

    Is there a way to force the first quote to show immediately and then move into the delay instead of the other way around?


  271. gringo Says:

    Quite right. I had originally made my changes to the CSS in the custom CSS tool in Headway, but then realized I should be doing in for the plugin in the narrow-plain.css instead.

    I completely overlooked the conflicting styles.

    All is now well and good.

    Thanks for checking on my sloppy work.

  272. Aidan Says:

    @Nitesh – works fine in IE7, you may have another plugin conflicting

  273. Patrick Says:

    EXCELLENT Plug-in! Thank you! Is there any way I can change ‘Loading Quotes’ to ‘Loading Testimonials’?
    Thank you for your fine work.

  274. Aidan Says:

    @Patrick: see #63 above

  275. Waheed Says:

    It is really cool plugin and my client liked it as well.

    I want to ask, is there any way to list down the quotes in a Page.

    I mean I am using it as Testimonials rotating at home page. Now there should separate page to show all the Testimonials.

    Is there any function for this?

  276. Ahmad Says:

    Insert a PHP snippet in template!!
    i didn’t get it:S

    where do i put it excatly?
    plz reply !!

  277. Aidan Says:

    This approach is for people who are comfortable editing WP templates. If you are not used to editing templates then this approach is not for you. If you want to learn about editing templates start here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Blog_Design_and_Layout

  278. Jean Says:

    This plugin does not appear to be working with WordPress 3.0.4 in Firefox. I have tried disabling all other plugins; I have tried changing permissions on the files. I have tried defining the height to make sure the area is visible. I have tried adding the global variable as directed; in every case, I continue to see only ‘Loading Images…’. Failing page is here. Help?

  279. Jessica Says:

    Hello, I am trying to insert the code snippet into my header template, but am getting and error. Any suggestions? This is how I am attempting to use the code…

    ***START CODE***

    getQuoteCode(); ?>

    ***END CODE***

    And this is the error I am getting….

    Fatal error: Call to a member function getQuoteCode() on a non-object in /home/content/27/7127427/html/wp-content/themes/EasyIT/header.php on line 99

  280. Jessica Says:

    welll…. your site stripped my code. Basically your code is contained within an if statement… if page is x, then generate testimonials.

  281. Chris Says:

    Any idea why the background of the wordpress widget would be disappearing after the text fades in? It only appears to do it in IE, and more specifically in compatibility mode. But there are apparently lots of people noticing it. I’d love it if anyone knew the solution.

  282. ARS Says:

    good plugin Aidan!

    but, could you just join the settings in one page? not in separate section like now (under Tools & Settings menu).

    also, I’m wondering if in next version the quote area have a link to one single post/page where all quotes posted together and have a submit form so our visitor can share by submitting their favorite quotes.


    *sorry for my bad english*

  283. Dana Whittle Says:

    Hi : I love this plugin BUT it seriously invalidates the HTML. The biggest error was using “id” instead of “class” for the span “quoteauthor”. After manually correcting this and revalidating, I get the error Pema Chödron”,


    The element named above was found in a context where it is not allowed. This could mean that you have incorrectly nested elements — such as a “style” element in the “body” section instead of inside “head” — or two elements that overlap (which is not allowed)” from W3 validator. I’d like to add a block level element to correct this but can’t figure out where/how due to the javascript opening the output area. Is it possible for you to correct the plugin to validate? Will have to switch otherwise… Thanks!

  284. Dana Whittle Says:

    Oops, there was a tag in my paste of the error message which wiped out the message. The error was :

    document type does not allow element “span” here

  285. Punita Says:

    Aidan: I love this plugin and am baffled by your directions in #63 to change the title in my widget from Quote Rotator to Testimonials? I am not as comfortable with html codes as others, so I need a little more detail on how to do this please. Do I go into the edit part of your plugin on my plugin page and change the code there? I feel kind of dense, but really want my testimonials to say Testimonials and not Quote Rotator and feel really frustrated trying to read thru all your posts!! Please help me get this set up so I can launch my site tomorrow. Thanks so much for all the care you put into this plugin and for the amazing support your give us!!

  286. Rick Says:

    How do you increase the font size?

  287. Piotr Tokarczyk Says:

    I’ve found a bug in quote-rotator.class.php, if some one types coma ther is no function that replace it to dot. That cause “Loading Quotes…” problem. I handled it with php str_replace() function. I think plugin’s author should make some update.

  288. Natalie Says:

    One of my quotes does not allow editting or deleting. It shows up in the sidebar and it shows up in the admin area, but it cannot be deleted. How else might I be able to delete it? I can’t find anywhere in the plugin files where the quotes are stored to be able to delete it some other way.


  289. Fabio W. Neves de Brito Says:

    The code for the template is:

    getQuoteCode(); ?>

    I couldn´t understand the explanation here, but I have found out the solution.


  290. Steve Says:

    I got this installed on my WP blog and it’s working great. Just one question though, can you create different sets of quotes for different pages? For example, I want the about page has a set of rotating quotes and then the contact page to have a different set off rotating quotes. It doesn’t seem like this plugin can do that.. or can it?

  291. Aidan Says:

    @Rick: in the stylesheet

  292. Aidan Says:

    @Piotr: Thanks for pointing that out. I will try to do an update soon to fix this and the jagged text in IE.

  293. Aidan Says:

    @Steve: No the plugin only supports one set of quotes.

  294. Nicole Says:

    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but when I input the php snippet code on my footer, the quotes don’t appear at all.

    It used to work before but ever since I moved to a different host/reinstalled WP, it stopped working. Any ideas?

  295. Aidan Says:

    @Nicole: Any error msg? See if #46 above applies.

  296. Nicole Says:

    I updated the plugin and it seemed to have done the trick. Thanks!

  297. Russ Says:


    Thanks for the great plugin. I’ve been using it for sometime and have just updated to the latest version and the style.css seems to be missing.

    Therefore the text is now unformatted. Can you let me know how to re set this up?


  298. Rick Says:

    Had this working in v0.2, but v0.3 seems to have wiped out my styling. Readme.txt says sample styles are in the Styles folder, but that folder is empty. Would love to see the sample styles. Can you email them?

  299. Samar Says:

    Hello, I updated to the most recent version (0.3.1.) and now the quote height is jumping up and down again. I have in my custom CSS
    #quote {height: 187px;}, which fixed the height changing sizes when the quotes changed. When I upgraded I removed the rule from my CSS because I saw that you could specify the height within the widget itself. However, with or without it, the height still is changing. Any thoughts on how to fix this? Love your plugin and thanks so much in advance for your thoughts.

  300. Nathan Says:

    I updated the plugin a few days ago, and for some reason, my flexi quote rotator has disappeared from my sidebar. It still says it’s installed and in use, but I have no idea what happened to it–as it’s not visible on my site anymore. Suggestions?
    BTW, I love it — it’s been great so far!

  301. Nathan Says:

    Nevermind. It turns out that for some reason, the widget was removed from my sidebar.

    However, there has never been a border around my quotes, or any quotation marks for that matter. Is there something I can do so my quotes look like they do in the screenshot?

  302. Aidan Says:

    @Samar – I have done another update to address htis issue, please try version 0.3.2 and let me know if that fixes it.

  303. Aidan Says:

    @Nathan, I notice the height of your quote area is jumping around – I’ve just added a new update 0.3.2 which should resolve this.

    The background styling can be done in your css stylesheet. I have included sample stylesheets which you can select under Settings > Quote Rotator. You can make your own if you understand some CSS.

  304. Steve Says:

    With the 3/28 update, there is now a shaded box behind the quote that extends off the page. I went to the plugin’s settings page and set the “Override Width” (in px) to my column width but it made no difference. How to you get the quote back to the way it was before where it word wraps within the designated area?

  305. Samar Says:

    Thanks so much Aidan! Seems to be working fine.

  306. Jodie B Says:

    I have been using this on a client’s website (http://www.citycareerservices.com/coaching) but now it is not working in IE. When you view the site in FF it works fine but in IE you get the message “Loading Quotes” but they never load.

    I am using your most recently updated version.

  307. Aidan Says:

    @Jodi: What version of IE? What version of WP? There can be an issue with older versions of WP since jquery 1.4 is needed. But even with older versions it still works ok in IE7. If you are using WP older than 3.0, upgrade your WP or else reinstall the older version of the plugin that used to work.

  308. Alan Says:

    Very cool plugin, but encountering a few issues:

    1) I want it to display ” instead of ‘ around each quote. How do I do that?

    2) I noticed that the sidebar refreshes between each quote. Why? That is a bit distracting. Can that be eliminated?

    3) When I use the html “bold” code for a quote, the text of that quote is blurry for a second or so before it clears up. I also noticed it in the Demo at the top of this page. How can I resolve that?

    Thanks again!

  309. marcos araujo Says:


    I’m having an issue on IE 7/8/9.
    The quotes appears, after a fade in animation and then the text disappears! It only happens on Internet Explore. FF, Safari and Chrome are perfect.
    I can’t figure it out this issue!
    The website is http://www.maraflores.com.br/novosite!

    thx, this is a great plugin.

  310. marcos araujo Says:

    I found out that the issue is with IE 9, once I’ve activated the compatibility mode it’s opened allright!


  311. Jodie B Says:

    I am using the latest version of WP (3.1) and IE 8.

    It had stopped working using the last version of your plugin. I upgraded to the newest one in the hopes that would fix it. It didn’t.

  312. Aidan Says:

    @Jodi: Any JS errors? You possibly could have some conflicting plugins, have you tried disabling all other plugins? A quick fix will be to go back to version 0.1.3 which uses Scriptaculous instead of jQuery library.

  313. Aidan Says:

    1. change the background image
    2. set a fixed height
    3. browser dependent – IE looses anti-aliasing when changing opacity on text. Some fonts/sizes/weights work better than others. Go with a faster transition speed and it will be less noticeable.

  314. Aidan Says:

    @Steve, can you provide a link to where you have it set up?

  315. Jodie B Says:

    I am not sure about JS errors. But I can tell you that even using version 0.1.3 this plugin in conflict with Lightbox2.

    Any suggestions on working around this issue?

  316. Allen Says:

    Had this plugin working for a client site before. Upgraded WordPress 3.1 and the to the new version of this plugin, 0.3.2. It does not rotate through the quotes anymore when you are on the page. It only rotates to a different quote if you refresh the page.

    I have changed the settings, deactivated and reactivated the plugin with no solution.

    It seemed to be working before the upgrades. Has anyone encountered such an issue yet?

  317. creation site internet annecy Says:

    Hello Aidan,

    I have a problem that just started today: it’s saying “Loading quotes…” but no testimonial display :-(

    It’s located on the footer of this website: http://bit.ly/dRqrnD

    Thanks a lot for your help.

  318. Aidan Says:

    @creation site internet annecy: I see it is working now so you must have solved the issue. Can you let us know what the issue was as it may help other people if they have a similar problem?

  319. Lizm Says:

    For me it seems to cycle through all quotes once and then stop and go blank. Is there a way to set it to keep looping?

    I’m on WordPress 3.1.1 and Flexi Quote Rotator 0.3.2, with Firefox on a Mac. Thank you! Overall it looks very nice.

  320. Pam Says:

    Love the application – but does anyone else have issues with how the quotes appear in IE8? The fonts are all jumbled up and difficult to read.

  321. Aidan Says:

    @Lizm: it should keep looping as you can see in example on this site, so must be some issue particular to your site. This site is also using WP3.1.1 and ver 0.3.2 of plugin.

  322. Aidan Says:

    @Pam: The problem with IE browsers is it turns anti-aliasing off when you change opacity of text (fade transition). The 0.3 version improved how it looks in IE by doing a reset after text comes in so that anti-aliasing gets turned back on in IE. I have noticed however that IE still renders some fonts at particular sizes a bit jagged but if you experiment with fonts and sizes you can get it to look fine. I have not noticed any particular issue unique to IE8 and the example on this page looks fine in IE8. Try experimenting with different fonts and sizes until you find what works in IE8.

  323. stormwild Says:

    FAQ Needs to be updated for WordPress 3.1

    Where do I add my quotes?
    Under the Tools Panel there is a Quotes link.

  324. creation sites web annecy Says:

    Hello Aidan,

    To me it still doesn’t work: référencement de site web annecy.

    I’ve disabled every plugin one by one but it stills the same…

  325. Aidan Says:

    @creation sites web annecy: I looked at your site and there is something weird happening to the source html – the single quotes in the javascript output have been converted to double quotes which breaks the Javascript. I have no idea what’s causing this. All I know is the plugin script outputs like this: <span id=’quoteauthor’> (see line 119 of quote-rotator.class) but your source has it changed to: <span id=”quoteauthor”> which breaks the javascript because it is already inside double quotes. You have a lot of other scripts going on there so I’ve no idea what’s causing it but I’m pretty sure it’s not a problem with flexi quote rotator.

  326. creation sites web haute savoie Says:

    Hello Aidan, thanks a lot for your help. The problem was coming from a plugin called “WP Beautifier”. It missed its goal as my website wasn’t nicer without the quotes on the footer…

  327. Karin Says:

    Hello, I love your plugin. However, I do not get it to rotate. And firebug displays this error: jQuery(“#quoterotator”).hide().html(this.quotes[this.i – 1]).fadeIn(this.fadeDuration * 1000).css(“filter”, “”).delay is not a function

  328. Chris Says:

    Rotator was working beautifully for weeks in a 125 px sidebar. Now it is displaying as a blue rectangular box (like the demo box at the top of this page), that overlaps the neighboring sidebar. Assigning fixed height and width has no impact. Using latest version of both plug-in and WordPress and have not made any recent changes to site. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  329. Aidan Says:

    Change your stylesheet (see Styling: above)

  330. Rodger Says:

    Hello Aidan,
    Great work on the plugin, however I have the same plugin as Karen above:
    jQuery(“#quoterotator”).hide().html(this.quotes[this.i – 1]).fadeIn(this.fadeDuration * 1000).css(“filter”, “”).delay is not a function

    I think that it has to do with actionpopup plugin because when I tried to deactivate it, your plugin run smoothly (btw, the error can be experience on other page i.e. http://www.voiceoverclub.com/working-with-agents/)

    Please advise on what to do on this. As of now I deactivated the Action Pop Up plugin.


  331. Aidan Says:

    @Rodger, That err msg is indicative of not having latest up-to-date version of jQuery. This can be caused by not having recent version of WP or by another plugin (most likely the one you mention) hard coding the jQuery version to an older version.

  332. Dan Says:

    Aidan, I have had this working previously but now after upgrading my WP theme and WP as well as to your new version I seem to be having a problem with not being able to have a fixed height for my quotes and they appear to jump around.

    I have edited the style css to indicate height (see code below) and also entered in a height for the override in your plugin.

    Can you please offer some suggestions to correct this?


    #quote {
    background: #ffffff;
    width: 400px;
    height: 200px;
    display: block;
    padding: 12px 50px 0 50px;
    margin: 15px auto;
    #quoterotator {
    line-height: 135%;
    #quoteauthor {
    display: block;
    text-align: right;
    font-weight: bold;
    font-style: italic;
    padding: 12px 0 0 0;

  333. Edward Mills Says:

    Hi Aidan

    Having two issues and haven’t found an answer listed that addresses them exactly.

    The quotes fade in but then do not change. I’ve disabled all plugins and have the latest version of WP installed. Not sure what else to try.

    Also, the background color does not cover the entire quote.

    You can see it near the bottom of this page:


    Happens in both FF and IE.


  334. Aidan Says:

    @Edward: the latest version of the plugin requires a recent version of jQuery – your version is out of date, either due to old ver of WP or some plugin forcing specific version

  335. John Says:

    It’s conflict with the prototype library when in IE8.

  336. Edward Mills Says:

    Thanks Aidan. It was the theme. I’ve taken out the code that was forcing an old version of jQuery. The quotes now rotate correctly, but I’m still getting the error message at the top of the page that the latest version of the plugin requires an update jquery.

    I’ve cleared my browser cache and it’s still there. Any thoughts?

    Oh and the background still doesn’t go all the way down to the bottom of the quotes.


  337. Jeanie Says:

    Thanks for a great plugin. I installed and working fine. problem is that I’d like to use it on several pages that has different sidebar. For example: I have it on the general sidebar but would also like it to be on contact sidebar. For all plugins I install I can do this, but for some reason I can’t do this for this plugin. Did something go wrong with my installation or you can only use it on one sidebar. Thanks.

  338. Aidan Says:

    That’s not an error message – it’s my response to you on this comments section! Looks like you copy/pasted that in somewhere into your template.

    re. the background – background provided is just a sample background, it’s an image. The idea is you can create your own background image if you need one.

  339. Aidan Says:

    @Jeanie – Just one instance per page is supported. I’ve never tried it in more than one widget area so not sure about that.

  340. Edward Mills Says:

    Thanks Aidan. D’Oh!

    And thanks for the clarification on the background image.

  341. Stu Says:

    Hi Aiden,
    I am a complete noob here so please bare with me. As far as I know your plugin does everything it says on the tin. I would like your plugin to display 1 quote per day. Messing about with it I have noticed the quotes reset back to the first quote everytime you enter/refresh the page. Is there anyway I can get the plugin to keep running when I am away from the site. EG. If in 3 days I go my page, the plugin will show the 3rd quote on my list instead of starting at the beginning of the list again? Hope this makes sense. Thank you.

  342. Aidan Says:

    @Stu: You would have to modify the code to do that.

  343. Antonella Says:


    Looks like a great plugin. I would like to use it, but I’m having trouble with the customization. I did two tests. On one site, I created a new css file and uploaded it to the styles folder. It appeared in the admin Quote Rotator, but the changes didn’t take into effect.

    Then, on another site, I uploaded the css, but it doesn’t even appear in the admin panel.

    I would like to use the Widget in the sidebar. Is this causing the css file not to be read?

    Thanks for any guidance.

  344. Aidan Says:

    @Antonella: after you upload the stylesheet to /wp-content/plugins/flexi-quote-rotator/styles/, you need to select it on the quote rotator settings page and save changes. The Firebug plugin for Firefox is great for troubleshooting stylesheet issues, I recommend you try that if you still can’t resolve the issue. You may have some mistakes in your css file.

  345. Rebecca Says:

    There is a conflict with the jquery in Gravity Forms. Any ideas? I tried the noconflict trick but it didn’t work.

  346. Aidan Says:

    @Rebecca: Sorry, I don’t know anything about Gravity Forms.

  347. Beth Says:

    Thanks for this plugin! It is working great. Like Jeanie, I’m wondering if there is a way to display the widget option on different sidebars. I have three different sidebars to display on, but once I insert the widget into one sidebar, there are no options available to insert them into another sidebar. Any suggestions?

  348. Rebecca Says:

    I put a quote in Hebrew and it turned it into question marks. Hebrew is working properly on the rest of the site. Please help!

  349. Rebecca Says:

    Can’t get the seconds for rotation to work properly. Any ideas? Still the Hebrew is showing up as question marks…

  350. whitie Says:

    Hi, for some reason my text is being clipped when fading, have you seen this before?

    when i turn the fade in/out values to 0 the clipping doesn’t occur.

    I have my text aligned to right and it clips about 5px off the right of the author and quote.

  351. Harley Says:

    I tried adding html to the author line, but must have made an error. Now on the page where you enter quotes everything shows up as a link that goes nowhere and the buttons to edit and delete the quote are gone.

    is there someplace where I can go in to manually delete the quote?

  352. Frances Says:


    This is the perfect plugin I was looking for, however is there a way to dictate what quotes go on what page? Basically I would like 3 quotes on one page, and 2 other quotes on another page.

    Thanks for you help!

  353. Aidan Says:

    @whitie: no I don’t think I’ve seen that before. You could try adding some right margin or padding in your stylesheet.

  354. Aidan Says:

    @Frances: no, it does not have this feature

  355. Aubrey Says:

    Hi, I was wondering if richard or any one else was able to get this plugin working on WordPress MU. This plugin looks like just want I’m looking for but it (and all the rest) semms not to work on Multisite.

  356. Anne Says:

    Hi – still noticing font pixelation/degradation on IE7. IE8/9 work great. Any thoughts on that or what JQuery code I could add to fix it? ClearType filter fix? Unfortunately, my client is on IE7… :(

  357. Aidan Says:

    @Anne, as far as I’m aware it’s an IE limitation that can’t be resolved by doing anything differently in jQuery. The only thiong I can suggest is to try some different fonts and font sizes. What I’ve noticed in some versions of IE, pixellation is more of a problem with certain fonts and sizes

  358. Jeff Says:

    Can plugin be used on different pages within same website

  359. Aidan Says:

    @Jeff – yes

  360. Sharee Says:

    I was wondering the same thing as Aubrey. This plugin in seems to be the exact thing I need as well…but I cannont get it to work on Multisite. Can you assist us with that?
    Thanks :)

  361. Jocelyn Says:

    Is there a way to get all quote displayed on a single page?

  362. Tarik Says:

    How do I add specific quotes for different pages on my website?

  363. RW Says:

    I need some shortcode help? Great plugin but I really need to display certain quotes but not all of them. I see that I can do this with the template, but I’m using the FQR in my sidebars. Any suggestions to display specific quotes with shortcode?


  364. Michael Says:


    In quote-rotater-management.class.php, change lines 40 and 53 from:

    $quote = str_replace(“\””, “‘”, $quote);


    $quote = addslashes($quote);

    This will allow you to use double quotes.

  365. Chris Aitken Says:

    Hi Aiden — thanks for a great plugin … but unfortunately the most recent version of WordPress seems to have “broken” it. I posted something on the WP forums about 3 weeks ago and a number of others have posted similar issues; here is the link: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/has-wp-32-broken-flexi-quote-rotator?replies=5

    Any idea of what might be going on? Thanks in advance.

    Cheers, Chris

  366. Aidan Says:

    @Chris: I’ve tested in WP 3.2.1 and works fine. I’ve updated WP on this site to latest and you can see it works fine here. (Sorry I can’t respond on the WP site as they changed all the passwords and I haven’t been able to recover mine yet.)

    I see you have a Javascript error on your page in some Javascript code not related to fqr – most likely this is the problem.

  367. Keith Erskine Says:

    Hi: We run a multi-product WordPress website, with one post per product. It would be nice to have rotate through a set of testimonials relevant to each post. From earlier comments, it would appear that this is not possible at this point in time?

  368. Abdur Rashid Says:

    Hi Aidan !!! thanks for a a great plugin. I use this plugin into one of my client site but it didnt rotate just after refreshing change the quote .the site url:: http://www.dietandhealthreviews.com/faruk/

  369. Joellyn Sargent Says:

    This plug-in was working perfectly, but it suddenly stopped rotating a couple of months ago. The quote loads when the page loads, but never switches to a new quote. Any ideas how to fix?

  370. Aidan Says:

    Tips of everyone experiencing problems:

    1. Check your Javascript error console – a Javascript error in another script may cause flexi quote rotator to fail
    2. Check your version of jquery – must be greater than 1.4. Some plugins and themes overwrite this with their own version
    3. If you have a Javascript error message ending in ‘delay is not a function’ – this indicates an older version of jQuery
    4. Disabe all other plugins and check it again
    5. The problem can sometimes be certain themes – switch to default WP theme and check it again
    6. If you report an issue here, please post a url where we can see the problem to have a better chance of getting a response. Also post results of above steps.

  371. Jeff Says:

    Does anyone know how to make the gray rounded box expand with the length of the quote I put in?

    Im using the narrow rounded style. But no matter how I try to change the height/width using the widget setting or main setting, the size of the box height remains constant. So if my quote is too long, some of it appears below the box.

    Any help on this GREATLY appreciated! ~Jeff

  372. Aidan Says:

    @Jeff: see Styling in instructions above

  373. Jeff Says:

    thanks Aidan, I’m not really sure what to do based on that. I know very little about code. I can edit it if im told exactly what to do for the desired effect, but beyond that im not a programmer. Any I dea what I would need to add or change, just to get the height of the rounded gray box to adjust to the amount of text I enter?

  374. Aidan Says:

    @Jeff: You can set a height override in the settings to override the height in your selected stylesheet.

    The grey rounded box is an image. If you want this grey rounded box, but taller, you will need to make a new image and upload it to theme folder. If you don’t know how to make an image, you can select a style without the bg image, e.g. narrow-plain.css

  375. Keith Erskine Says:

    Hi Aidan

    Any chance of making a slight mod to the plug-in by adding a variable called ‘ID’? The syntax could then be [quoteRotator ID="1,3,7"]. This would allow a user to selectively display a subset of the quotes; and possibly (?) allow for different quotes in different posts. In the above example, there would be seven quotes defined.


  376. Rebecca Says:

    Thank you for the great plugin! The quotes are not rotating for me here. http://www.facefirstcreative.com/clientdev/steiger/

    My jquery version is 1.4.4. I’m not getting any javascript errors, it just stays on the 1st quote. I’ve deactivated all other plug ins and it still didn’t rotate. Any advice?

    Thanks in advance!

  377. Aidan Says:

    @Rebecca: From looking at the source I see your jquery is jquery-1.3.1.min.js – forced by your theme Cubit – That’s the problem

  378. Schalk Says:

    Hi, is there a way to add 100 quotes at once instead of one at a time, from a text file?


  379. Alex Henley Says:

    Hi, did you answer @Keith’s question (#374) about possibly adding the option to choose the ID’s you want to use? That would allow us to have some quotes on one page and different quotes on another. That would really be great!


  380. estainfo Says:

    thanks for this good addons.

    my problem is: why replace some characters to “?” mark?

    sample: “Bak?ms?z araç” is saving to “Bak?ms?z araç”

    please fix this. regards

  381. estainfo Says:

    sorry, your site encoded too replace some characters to ? mark. look at my previous message. i think i explain this.

  382. Sandy Morris Says:

    First I am new so go easy. Second, if I activate the plugin and put the shortcode in the post it just says loading quotes.
    It only works when I put it in as a widget but then I have a blank loading quotes at the footer area and the quotes do load in the post.
    What am I doing wrong?

  383. buysocials Says:

    Great plug-in! thanks – going to use on my site

  384. Aidan Says:

    @Sandy: You can only have one instance on a page. Looks like it’s working ok on your site now so you’ve probably already figured it out.

  385. Sandy Morris Says:

    Thanks for the reply but it only works if I put the widget in the footer and that shows blank and I also have it on each post inside the posts. If I take the widget away then the posts just showing “loading quotes”.

    If you look at the bottom of the posts in the footer area you will see the blank one… but if that is not there nothing shows.

  386. Aidan Says:

    @Sandy: To troubleshoot, remove quote widget in footer and follow all steps in 369 above. This should help you identify the conflict.

  387. Daniel Boswell Says:


    I loaded your plugin on a site running WP 2.9.2 and I have added two testimonials and then put your shortcode in the HTML of the home page. The testimonial fades in nicely but it doesn’t rotate. Am I missing something obvious here? In my settings I have it set for 8 secs to rotate and 3 secs on the fade in/fade out. I don’t have any parameters in the shortcode, just the basic call to the plugin.

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

  388. Aidan Says:

    @Daniel: see 369 above. Appears you have an old version of jQuery. You can upgrade WP or install an older version of this plugin if you don’t want to upgrade.

  389. thomas Says:

    Hey Aidan,
    would be possible to update answer 118? I want to have valid code on my website so I tried to fix it as Kenneth suggested but it seems the code has changed. I guess line echo “\n”; is now echo “setTimeout(\”quoteRotator.quotesInit()\”, 2000)\n”;

    But I couldn’t find echo “”; …

    Could you advise how to fix the problem with validation?

    Many thanks

  390. Jeff Lyons Says:

    installed plugin, worked great…then suddenly got message on screen “loading quotes…” now can’t get widget or shortcodes to work.. it just hangs on this notice… any thoughts???? I changed no code or css anywhere…

  391. Aidan Says:

    @Jeff: start with the troubleshooting steps listed below

  392. estainfo Says:

    why replace some characters to “?” mark? please answer this… for example: http://www.asanotomotiv.com main page

  393. Robert TeSelle Says:

    Great plugin! I would like to use it in a multi-lingual site (English and Dutch). Is there a way to do that? I am using the WPML plugins to manage the English and Dutch pages. Thanks for your help.

  394. Carina Perkins Says:

    Hi –
    Love this plugin but the ‘loading quotes…’ text stays on the page, even once the quotes are loaded. Is there a way that I can remove it?

  395. Mark Says:

    I have seen this asked a couple times but did not see answer.
    Does this FlexiQuote work for multiproduct site?
    Each blog post is a different product, therefore different testimony quote for each post.
    FlexiQuote Will only work for one product site.
    Is this correct?

  396. Felix Says:

    Hi, I love the plugin! Just one question: Is there a simple way of including some static text, possibly with a link, that appears underneath (or above) all quotes?

  397. Aidan Says:

    @Carina: see 6 steps below

  398. Aidan Says:

    @Mark: just what it says on the tin

  399. Aidan Says:

    @Felix: not supported, but you could edit plugin files if you have any knowledge of coding

  400. thomas Says:

    Hey Aidan,
    I just wonder if you find the answer on my question about problem with validation? This is great plugin but it is a big shame it doesn’t produce valid code… Is there any way how to fix it, please?

    Many thanks for your reply

  401. Aidan Says:

    @Thomas: Sorry, I’ve not had time to look into that yet. Will got to it in the future but a bit of a low priority at the moment.

  402. thomas Says:

    Hey Aidan,
    thanks for your reply. Its shame to hear that valid code has low priority for program developer. I think it should be other way around … especially when fix would take few minutes only if you know how (see 118).
    Anyway I’ll need to look somewhere else then … its a pity that such a great plugin has this defekt.

  403. Rod Says:

    Hi Aiden,
    I was using Flexi quote rotator with success until I updated this time and all of my quotes disappeared from the management console and I cannot seem to find then as the console is blank. The WEB site is still sowing all of the quotes though? I have emailed you with a screen shot. Any suggestions?

  404. Marianne Says:

    A couple of the quotes I’ve added do not show the edit or delete buttons in the admin area…how can I delete them?

  405. Gregory Says:

    The does inserted on a page works fine and shows the Quote howver it does not rotate. Only the 1st Quote out of some 10 show up.
    There is no javaerror or any other error shown.

    Could you tell me what may be wrong.
    Am using your latest download as well the the latest version in WP.

    Look forward to your reply

  406. JoeGP Says:

    There a lot of problems if used as a widget.
    I use it for testimonials on a clients website.
    With no style used, it just looks like some plain text, and the authors name is just dropped on the end, it looks like $%^&.
    With a style like “narrow-rounded” the widget sticks out of the widget area, and there are no options to change the width, not without manually changing the style.
    And if you are already using a style then the widgets style should be removed.
    It just looks very bad, so bad that it’s unusable as a widget.
    This is how it looks http://changeispossible.ca/, but i might have deleted it by the time you check it out.

    I checked the steps before posting and they don’t seem to apply.
    But after i activated it i did get 2 errors, i can’t remember them, but they didn’t seem to affect the plugin.
    I’m using WP 3.2.1, and the Graphene 1.5.5 theme (+4widgets) and no errors.
    I don’t think any of the problems i have are because of the theme i’m using.
    What i need is a width option in/for the widget

  407. Aidan Says:

    @JoeGP: If you read the instructions, you will see the stylesheets provided are just EXAMPLES for you to adapt to your own website. If you set stylesheet to ‘none’, it will not have fixed width.
    Bottom line, if you don’t like it don’t use it, it’s a free plugin, use something else or write your own.

  408. Aidan Says:

    @Gregory: Did you follow the 6 troubleshooting steps? If so, what’s the results?

  409. Esa Rantanen Says:

    Hello, I can’t get Quote Rotator work in multisite install. It works nice on main site, but I can’t add quotes on subsite admin. I’m using latest versions of everything. Is there still something I should know about this plugin?

  410. Esa Rantanen Says:

    Found the solution: I did ‘Network deactivate’ and activated the plugin again on each site. Thank you for a nice plugin!

  411. julian Says:

    hello love the plugin i got a question can i have 1 2 3 quote into post A and 4 5 6 into post B


  412. The Cats Says:

    We love your plugin as it is easy to use and looks great. So thanks.

    We were wondering if you could had a feature to put a quote on hold until you want it displayed again. You can edit a quote and delete a quote but being able to put a individual quote on hold would be good.

    For example, we have added some Christmas quotes but don’t want these all year round. We also don’t want to delete them and have to add the same quotes everytime we want them on again.

  413. Colin Says:

    What are the options if the plugin doesn`t actually rotate?

    I`m also looking for a way to make the author text colour different than the quote, as it`s being used as a widget with no stylesheet. The quote would stand out much more if there were different colours.

    Close but no cigar. Thanks.

  414. Ben Says:

    Seems like this plugin fights Widget Logic and/or Display Widget. I need this widget to appear on one page but when I put in the Widget Logic code and press save, the syntax I put in is wiped out. And Display Widget options don’t even come up.


  415. Molly Says:

    How can I get my quotes to wrap to the next line and stay within my box.

  416. Aidan Says:

    @julian: Not currently but I’m planning on adding this feature in near future as I will need it myself for an upcoming website.

  417. Aidan Says:

    @The Cats: Good suggestion, I may add in future update.

  418. Aidan Says:

    @Colin: Follow the troubleshooting steps. Author has id quoteauthor so you can easily style it.

  419. Aidan Says:

    @Ben: not sure what your talking about

  420. Aidan Says:

    @Molly: May just require some CSS styling tweaks. If overflowing the box, check and adjust box size to suit.

  421. JD Says:

    I tried editing the PHP file per your instructions in #63 (to remove the “Loading Quotes…” message) but it’s still showing up. Opening the file quote-rotator.class.php in Dreamweaver, I note the two lines with “Loading Quotes…” are 327 and 375, not 169 and 189 specified in comment #63. Don’t know if that matters, and I keyword searched all the the PHP files from the plugin folders to find another instance of “Loading Quotes…” and could only find the two that you cited in quote-rotator.class.php. Flushed out the browser cache as well to be sure. Is there perhaps another location where the plugin is pulling the “Loading Quotes…” label? Or did I also checked, and the edited quote-rotator.class.php file that I FTP’d back has my change, but my site is still showing the default text.

  422. JD Says:

    Please delete my prior post (#418) that is awaiting moderation. Figured it out. User FTP copy error at 2 a.m. Wrong folder. Doh! And tried a bunch of quote rotators…yours is the most flexible.

  423. JD Says:

    Hi. A bit of a problem regarding changing the “Loading Quotes…” tag Hope you can help. I am getting some kind of pushback if I make any change to the text running under the Headway theme framework. Works fine with a plain WP theme. The plugin kills the header graphic, and I get this error message when I go into the Headway Visual Editor:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/85/7158685/html/nasty/wp-content/plugins/flexi-quote-rotator/classes/quote-rotator.class.php:413) in /home/content/85/7158685/html/nasty/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 866

    Also, if I deactivate and then reactivate, I get this additional error messaging in the plugin install area:

    The plugin generated 1 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin.

    Question: does your plugin write something to another file in the WP file collection?. I am suspecting that it does, and the issue is there is lack of agreement between the plugin PHP file that I edited per your instruction and the WP file that the plugin is talking to. Any ideas?

  424. Aidan Says:

    @JD: never encountered this before. I would suspect perhaps a typo when you edited the file. Try reinstalling the unaltered plugin to see if the problem goes away.

  425. JD Says:

    Yes, when I copy the unedited version of the file it works just fine. Even if I just change one character of the “Loading Quotes…” it creates an error and prevent my header from displaying. The only wild card is I am using the HeadWay theme framework. I did use Dreamweaver to edit the PHP; wondering if that could possibly be entering in additional information when the file is saved. Maybe I will try a plain text editor next.

  426. JD Says:

    Update: I edited the PHP file with plain old Windows Notepad instead of Dreamweaver (CS5). Works just fine now. Go figure.

  427. CW Says:

    Seems to have a conflict with DP Widget Plus plugin when I try to add as a widget. Get a fatal error: “Call to undefined method QuoteRotator::get_settings() in [the dp widgets php file]”. Any thoughts on how to fix this? [not a php guru]

  428. Aidan Says:

    @CW Sorry, I have no knowledge of DP Widget Plus.

  429. Craig Says:

    I want to different products on different pages of a site.
    Is it possible to have different quotes on different pages or install multiple copies of the plugin to do this

  430. Aidan Says:

    @Craig: see 11, 339

  431. OfftheWall Says:

    I see that you addressed the IE issue before, but I’m seeing a different issue with the Quote Rotator in IE. When the quotes fade in and out, the whole background behind the text goes transparent, leaving the rest of the bubble around it full color. It looks pretty strange. So far, it seems to working well in Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Any ideas?


    ~ Raylene

  432. Aidan Says:

    @OfftheWall: I looked at your site in IE9 and don’t see that happening. It’s not something I’ve seen before or that anyone else has mentioed so if it’s happeing in a specific version of IE, it may be something to do with the CSS of your WP template.

  433. OfftheWall Says:

    It’s in IE 8… My client also expects to have people using older systems visiting her site. If it’s just the older versions, of IE, I may just not be able to get it work properly. Thanks for looking at the site. I appreciate it!

  434. Kat Young Says:

    Hello, I am new to websites, Can you tell me how I might change the theme to this. I am technically dumb so please make it easy to understand.
    Example being, changing the font and the colour of the font and speach bubbles????

  435. CG Says:

    I installed this and was going along great, but when I tried to edit my first quote “ID=1″ I must have broken it. I can see most of the quote/text but I can’t edit or delete it. The edit and delete buttons have disappeared, but just for the first quote.

    I tried to uninstall and then reinstall, but that first quote won’t go away and I can’t edit it.

    Any ideas how I can edit that first quote, or delete the plugin and start over?



  436. CG Says:

    I think I know what’s causing the problem and just need to remove that first quote from the database. can you tell me what table the quotes are stored in?

  437. Aidan Says:

    @CG: wp_QuoteRotator

  438. Beth Bates Says:

    Hi Aidan –

    I am having a similar problem to #95. I moved my WordPress install to a new Unix server. Now, when I add a quote, it appears to not be saving (the screen just refreshes with a new quote box). However, after reading #98, I checked the database and the quotes are being saved (ie. there is an author field and the quotes are there). Within the WP dashboard, it doesn’t show the quotes and the widget says “No Quotes”. Everything works on the old Windows server. Any thoughts?


  439. Aidan Says:

    Hi Beth,
    Have you tried to reinstall the plugin after moving serers?

  440. Colin Says:

    is there any way to set the fade-in to milliseconds instead of seconds? the fade is just too slow for me. also, what about implementing other effects other than fade?

  441. Aidan Says:

    @Colin: try using fractions of a second, e.g. 0.5

  442. Garrett Says:

    This is a great plugin.

    However, I have one question. Currently all my quotes are loaded in the header of every page, while I only want to display the quotes on one page. Is there a way to make the script only load on one page? That would decrease the load times for my other pages.

  443. Aidan Says:

    @Garrett: Not currently in the settings but if you are comfortable editing php files, you could edit the plugin code and add a little hack to do this. Line 102 in flexi-quote-rotator.php is what adds the quotes to the header. add_action(‘wp_head’, array(&$quoteRotator, ‘addHeaderContent’));
    You could wrap that in a conditional statement that only executes it on a certain page or pages. e.g.:
    if (is_page(20)) {

  444. Garrett Says:

    Aidan, thanks for the response. Unfortunately it isn’t working quite right. When I wrap that action on line 102 in the conditional tag, what displays is “Loading Quotes” and not any of the quotes. None of the quotes are loaded in the source file either, so the script isn’t being loaded.

    I’ve double checked that I typed everything correctly, the page id is correct, etc.

  445. Aidan Says:

    Have you got the correct page id in the if statement? The 20 in my reply is just for example. If you give me a link to the page I can have a look.

  446. Garrett Says:

    Yes, the page id is correct. Here is a link:

    This is copy and paste what I changed:

    if( is_page(786)) {
    add_action(‘wp_head’, array(&$quoteRotator, ‘addHeaderContent’));

    I appreciate your time looking into this. One thing I was reading about the is_page tag on WordPress.org is this:
    “Warning: You can only use conditional query tags after the init action hook in WordPress. For themes, this means the conditional tag will never work properly if you are using it in the body of functions.php, i.e. outside of a function.”

    I don’t understand this, and perhaps this is part of the issue? Although I don’t think so because you have an add_action on line 101 which has the init hook.

  447. Aidan Says:

    @Garrett: I guess is_page may not be available at that stage in code loading, so that solution probably won’t work. I don’t have any other solutions in mind at the moment, sorry.

  448. Sandy Says:

    Is there a way to change the text style (italics etc) I added the css sheet but am not sure where to find it.

  449. joseph Says:

    Hi Aidan,

    May I ask why is this plugin adding a hash sign(#) at the end of my url’s.

    You can view the site here: http://www.theweatherizationcompany.com/#


  450. Aidan Says:

    @joseph: this plugin should not add hash to url

  451. joseph Says:

    Hi Aidan,

    If I uninstall the plugin the hash sign disappears. Please advice.


  452. SD Says:


    Plugin worked on my localhost server, but when i moved it online, it doestn’t work. Can u plz explain d issue? Thnx in advnc!

  453. Jennifer Says:

    Once I load the widget onto a page – it disappears form available widgets. I would like to use it on several different page templates. How do I do this?


  454. Chris Jones Says:

    Hi Aidan,
    How can I revert back to a fresh install? I tried deleting and reinstalling but it remembered all the quotes. I need to get rid of all the quotes. Please advise. Thanks.

  455. Aidan Says:

    @Chris: You’ll have to go in to your database (using PhpMyAdmin) and delete the quotes table.

  456. Chris Jones Says:

    Thanks Aidan – that does the trick. Handy plugin.

  457. Chris Says:

    Hi Aidan,
    This is a great product. Is there a way to put it on different pages so 4 quotes show up on one page, and 4 different quotes on another page?

  458. Gordon Says:

    Absolutely great plugin. But how can I set it up to get different quotes on two different posts?

  459. Robin Jennings Says:

    Great Plug-in- really easy to use and works without a hitch- thanks so much.

  460. Dan Says:

    Is it possible to have it not repeat at the end of the list – i.e., just stay on the last quote?

  461. Gabriela Says:

    Hi, the designer who built my website had an older version there with a colourful quote rotator – it was a light yellow that suited best to my website.
    After uploading the latest version I can just have the grey one? How can I change the colour please?
    Thank you

  462. Aidan Says:

    @Gabriela: see the note on updating the plugin: If you had any custom stylesheet and related images, please make sure to save a copy of these before updating, you will need to replace these files.
    Your designer customised the styles. There are 3 ways to do this: in your main theme stylesheet, add a custom quote rotator stylesheet, overwrite an existing quote rotator stylesheet. With latter 2 options the above note on updating applies, so you may need to contact your designer to get the stylesheet file.

  463. Georgia Gibbs Says:

    I have tried to change settings as far as delays to see it that has any effect but it does not. It loads the first quote and then stops and does not load any others. Any ideas? Thank you!

  464. Aidan Says:

    @Georgia Gibbs: not enough info and your link doesn’t work. Try the standard troubleshooting steps listed below.

  465. Georgia Gibbs Says:


    I double checked the url. Sorry. I have just done some testing here. It seems to be brewer based:
    I am on a mac.
    I tried it in Safari 5.17, Firefox 11.0, Google Chrome 22.0
    The only one it works in is Google Chrome

    I also tried it on 2 smart devices: iPhone and iPad, both with the latest operating systems. It worked perfectly on them

    I got 2 errors: one said it was expecting an image and the other said it was expecting a font.

    Have you ever tried to use this with css background gradients? I am using that for my background and I am wondering if there is any way that could cause an issue? Thank you.

  466. Aidan Says:

    @Georgia Gibbs: It looks you did not follow the ‘Before you post’ troubleshooting steps. I see a plugin called slidedeck2 is generating Javascript errors. Most likely this is the problem.

  467. Georgia Gibbs Says:

    Hi there. I did follow all of those steps. Oddly, I could not get it to work until i installed slide desk. i attempted to deactivate slide deck, but it stops working again. I don’t know what that means but it is working so I will leave it at that. Thank you.

  468. Hans Peter Says:

    i have a website in english and german, using the qTranslate plugin. I love the flexi quote rotator but is there a way to make the plugin language sensitive. I have the random quotes showing up in the sidebar.

  469. Emmanuel Says:


    I disabled all other plugins and switched to the default wp theme, and still can’t get the plugin to work. Here’s an example:

    Please, help!!

  470. Aidan Curran Says:

    @Emmanuel: Please follow the troubleshooting steps b4 posting. It appears you have Javascript errors due to missing files in your WordPress installation, you are missing jquery and other stuff. e.g. “NetworkError: 404 Not Found – http://diputadosprdoaxaca.com/wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js?ver=1.7.2

  471. Emmanuel Says:

    Sorry, I can’t find the troubleshooting section. I hadn’t noticed the jquery file was missing, but it is being called by the plugin (if I disable it, it is not called), so I don’t know how to fix that. I’ll try adding to the header of my theme and see how that goes.

  472. Emmanuel Says:

    I just noticed that the file http://diputadosprdoaxaca.com/wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js (without the “?ver=1.7.2″ specification) does appear when called in the browser. Maybe I can hack the plugin to make it call the .js file without the version thing?

  473. Aidan Curran Says:

    @Emmanuel: It’s WP, not the plugin, that adds the version querystring to prevent caching, so hacking the plugin won’t help. The jquery script is included within WP and the version query string is part of the way that WP enqueues scripts. So you’ll need to troubleshoot or workaround from that angle. A lot of other plugins also use jquery so if the jquery script is not available, they won’t work either.

  474. Bojan Says:

    For all those who asked how to display utf-8 characters correctly: go to phpMyAdmin, then locate the wp_QuoteRotator table, go to structure, locate quote row, and change the collation to utf_8_general_ci for that row, as well as the author row, and you’re good to go.

  475. Lesa Says:

    I want to add a different quote rotator to the sidebar, depending on the page being viewed. Does Flexi-Quote allow for multiple rotators in the same site? How? The idea is add a different set of testimonials to a per page widget. Any suggestions are appreciated.

  476. Aidan Curran Says:

    @Lesa, multiple quote rotators are not currently supported

  477. Lesa Says:

    Thanks. As my daughter would say: }}SADFACE{{

  478. OrganizeDIY Says:

    I’ve added my quotes as a widget and tried to change the title to something other than Quote Rotator. Every time I click save I get a message that says “Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again” I can’t get any changes (title, time, fade) to save. Suggestions?

  479. IB Says:

    Flexiquote rotator not working on this site although it works on my other site – bizas.co.uk. I am not able to edit the title and is shows as “quote rotator” on my site. How can I correct this?

  480. Monique Says:

    I cannot add a quote. I’ve followed the steps to adding a quote and author but it does not add – nothing shows up. Its as if i never created a folder. Please help!!!!

  481. Jodi Says:

    Thanks so much for this great plugin and all your hard work. I was wondering if you could tell me if it’s at all possible to have all the quotes displayed one on top of the other on one page. So basically a testimonial page that has all the quotes that have been inputted.

    Thanks so much,

  482. Greg Scott Says:

    The widget displays a title, “Quote Rotator”, even though I gave it a blank title in Settings…Quote Rotator. I deleted the title and now the widget says “No quotes found”. I put the title back and still, “No quotes found”. Of all the quote widgets I’ve tried, I was really hoping this one would work.

  483. Greg Scott Says:

    The key to getting quotes to display seems to be the “Random” button. How do I get rid of the “Quote Rotator” title and “Loading Quotes”? No matter what I put in for Title in Settings…Quote Rotator, the website always displays, “Quote Rotator” as the title. I want to just display the quotes with no title and no diagnostic, “loading quotes” text. I can live without random order. Right now, I only have two quotes with hopefully more to come. Thanks

  484. Greg Scott Says:

    Aw nuts, now my menus are broken. I just put in the latest updates to the Responsive theme I’ve been using and also added the Flexi quote rotator. I don’t know which action broke my menus. I took the quote rotator out of my opening page and deactivated it; menus are still broken. When I select a top level menu choice, I only see little boxes for all the choices below. Putting the mouse on any of those little boxes does nothing. Very frustrating.

  485. Greg Scott Says:

    Menus are fixed – the menu problem was the Responsive theme upgrade, unrelated to the flexi quote rotator plugin. A new company took over the Responsive theme, put out an upgrade, and made a mess. My website is back to the old vesion of that theme, I activated the quote plugin again, so now I need to clean up that header for my quotes. Thanks

  486. Mark Says:

    We have the Quote Rotator installed but would like to change the heading to something more customer-friendly like Testimonials. I have taken over from the guy who installed it and don’t have any instructions for doing this. Could you help please?

  487. Trish Says:

    The rotator is no longer working and we don’t know why it stopped working. It only changes quotes on refresh instead of randomly over a set number of seconds. How can I fix this problem. We want the quotes to rotate every set number of seconds without refreshing the page.

  488. Aidan Curran Says:

    @Trish: follow the troubleshooting steps (see Before you post below)

  489. Aidan Curran Says:

    @Mark: Its covered in the instructions on this page.

  490. Rob Says:

    I have just installed the plugin; it’s great but I can’t seem to change the widget titel (from “Quote Rotator” to “Testimonials”) but it won’t let me do this, and keeps reverting to the default title …. any ideas on this

    Much appreciated …


  491. Rob Says:

    This is what I keep getting: http://screencast.com/t/vZms6bke

  492. Aidan Curran Says:

    @Rob, I investigated and found there was indeed an issue here. I’ve released a new version to fix this – it should show up in the WordPress repository soon.

  493. Ajayan Borys Says:

    The quote box suddenly and inexplicably expanded beyond the bounds of the page. See lower right-hand corner of the home page of the site.

  494. Vera Says:

    My compliments to the plugin, it’s exactly what I was looking for. It worked in the beginning, but after a few minutes it only showed: “loading quotes..”. I de-activated my other plugins, but it didn’t worked. I have WordPress 3.5.1. Steps 1 & 3 I don’t really understand, as I have no understanding of Javascript.

    Hope you can help me out. Thanks a lot in advance!

  495. Aidan Curran Says:

    @Vera: problem is what you added for the shortcode- the stuff inside {} is not meant to be added directly, it is just explaining what the parameters are for. Read Step 1 in Usage again and follow the examples.

  496. Charles Veloso Says:

    Hi! First of all great plugin! It’s what I needed for the site I’m working on. Quick question, how do i make the box transparent?

  497. Aidan Curran Says:

    @Charles Veloso: see notes on styling above

  498. Jason Maggard Says:

    Aidan, Love the plugin, it’s working great. I just wanted to add a feature request… I have all of my testimonials in the quote rotator, and I have a “Testimonials” page with all of the quotes on it.

    Each time I get a new testimonial, I have to update both. Not a biggie, but it would be nice to have a way to build a page of quotes from the ones that are entered into the rotator.

    Just a thought.


  499. Aidan Curran Says:

    @Jason: Thanks for the feedback. I’ve considered this before and will try to get to it when time allows. I actually use it in the same way as yourself as you can see on this website. But that is my preferred way to use it because the testimonials are of varying sizes, so my approach is to write them out in full on my testimonials page and for the quote rotator I just extract a sentance or 2 so that it fits in the space allowed.

  500. Pam Says:

    Hi Aiden. I love this plugin. I’m using it on a couple of sites. But I have a question. We’re going to run all the testimonials in the blog sidebar using the widget. We’d also like to put just 3-5 of the testimonials on the portfolio page. We have a limited space, so we need to choose short ones. Is there a way in the php code to either pick which ones show or exclude the ones we don’t want to show? Thanks!

  501. Tim Says:


    great plugin, very useful and easy to set up :)
    I’d like to second Jason (post 498) on his feature request having a similar setup myself.

  502. Paul Says:

    Nice Plug-in. I have a couple of problems that I haven’t been able to resolve. I have short testimonials and long ones, when the short ones appears, I get the start of the next testimonial showing. How do I get the plug-in to limit to one testimonial. Also where do I place the short code to hide the titles? Thanks.

  503. Paul Says:

    My bad. I had a different plug-in loaded. Please ignore previous.

  504. Rose Tobin Says:

    Is it possible to get rid of the lines in the quotes box? I changed the font size and now the lines are misaligned with the text. As on this page:
    Thank you.

  505. Aidan Curran Says:

    They are not coming for the plugin itself. They are coming from style rules that you have set for #quote in your main stylesheet.

  506. Michael Says:

    Hi there
    Great plugin – just what I needed, but is there a way to control the alignment on the page – the default seems to be centered but I need to make it left aligned… any tips on how to achieve that would be brilliant. Many thanks!

  507. Aidan Curran Says:

    @Michael: CSS

  508. Michael Says:

    Thanks Aidan – I did spend some time playing around with the css but nothing I did seemed to change that element. I know a bit about css but I’m not an expert – would you be able to point me in the direction of which item/class I should be looking at changing, that would be super helpful! Thanks so much!

  509. Aidan Curran Says:

    @Michael: http://www.w3.org/Style/Examples/007/center.en.html

  510. Michael Says:

    Brilliant – many thanks.

  511. Chris Says:

    Hi Aidan,
    I have edited the narrow image to fit it into my sidebar, but I cannot seem to be able to make the text width fit into my new background quote image?
    Any ideas?
    See page here: http://gmequine.co.uk/gary-miller-sports-massage

  512. Aidan Curran Says:

    @Chris: Customise the css.

  513. SnH Says:

    Hi, thanks for the great plugin!
    I m building a site for my friend so I would like to know how to just display only one quote a day using the widget. I see that you provide this option via php code but is it possible via widget. for example, if i have 30 quotes, i just want to display one a day so it repeats..

  514. SnH Says:


    for my purpose, I used a different plugin that did the exact thing i needed.
    thanks for your plugin! will use it for some other site as I like the fading idea!!


  515. Karen Wylie Says:

    Hi – I am not able to change either the speed of the fade or the length of time the quotation is displayed. No matter what it ‘says’ in the widget specifications, it is displaying 5 & 2, the default number of seconds. I have tried deactivating and resetting. I am using Genesis framework and Prose theme. Thanks!

  516. Phil Says:

    Any chance there’s a way to make this great plug-in responsive?

  517. Sushiil Bharti Says:

    It is working perfectly on page and post but I want to use it in header beneath the logo. I copied the code in header.php but is not working.

  518. Kocaeli Web Tasar?m Says:

    Hi, I can not see css classes in options panel. Is there a solution for this?

  519. Hans Says:

    Hi, great plugin but my html link doesn’t work. I have a link in the widget just below the content slider where I use your plugin. All is great except when I press the html link saying “click here” the link is indicated but does not open.
    Any idea what might be wrong?

  520. Hans Says:

    When the plugin starts loading in my widget, it says “loading quotes…” I woulld like to not display that message. Is it possible to leave it out so the widget is just blank until the first quote appars? O to put another message there?

  521. Aidan Curran Says:

    @Hans: it is nothing to do with quote rotator plugin, problem is in your own code.

  522. Aidan Curran Says:

    @Hans: only way would be to search and replace it in the plugin file quote-rotator.class.php

  523. Alen Ostanek Says:

    I’m using this plugin on a non-English site and the entered text doesn’t display ???? characters. It shows ‘?’ instead of them, so I have to enter the Č and č code to get them to show.
    Is there anyway I can modify the plugin, so it displays Central European alpahbet?
    Thx for this nifty plugin!

    Lep pozdrav

  524. Lenny Says:

    Had a small issue with the plugin, there seems to be a race condition. In my case that lead to the alpha values never getting into the visible range after the first rotation.

    Changed the setIntervall to a setTimeout (and moved it to the rotate function) and added a small value to the sum of delays to ensure there is no overlap.

    Now it works like a charm.

  525. Wes Says:


    Great plugin, when it was working.
    Was using wordpress 3.6.

    Recently upgraded to wordpress 3.8 and seems like it doesnt work.

    Page : http://www.binarylimited.co.nz


  526. Aidan Curran Says:

    @Wes: I’ve upgraded this site to 3.8 and quote rotator still works so no compatibility issue with 3.8 that I’m aware of. I looked at your page but quote rotator plugin is not present.

  527. Harish Ghorpade Says:

    Can i add other languages as quotes ? I tried but its taking junk characters .

  528. Ted Janzen Says:

    Hi, I’m working on a multi language site en I want to use your plugin.
    I need te be able to select some quotes eg by category or a groupname. Could you implement this?

    Thanks in advance

  529. Michael Says:

    Hi Aidan,
    I can not begin to express how long I searched for a plugin like Flexi quote rotator!
    Question, How can your plugin start on a random quote?
    The random order/sequence seems to be working fine though always starts on the same quote. Thank you in advance.

  530. Aidan Curran Says:

    @Michael: Select the random option in the settings. It should start on a random quote. You’ll see that’s how it works on this site.

  531. Aidan Curran Says:

    @Harish: see comment 474

  532. Michael Says:

    re comment: 529
    I believe it keeps starting at the same comment due to W3 total cache. Even with “Random” selected and the clearing of browser history it keeps starting on the same quote each time.
    Please, please, please would you be aware of what can be done to avoid this? Thank you in advance.

  533. Iv Says:

    Hi, it’s very good but there is no support for cyrillic alpabet and all letters are with ? sign

  534. Aidan Curran Says:

    @Iv: see comment 474 for a solution

  535. Iv Says:


  536. Iv Says:

    Could you please tell me how to make by default your plugin to be set as a utf8_general_ci because when I turn it off and then on it destroy all of my quotes, and I starting over and over again, and I did it like 5 times today,

    It will be nice to make an update so this coding to will be included when wordpress site is set on cyrillic or so


  537. mick Says:

    any way to avoid the page ‘jumping’ each time a new quote loads?

  538. Aidan Curran Says:

    @mick – yes, set a fixed height in your css (see 258 above for example)

  539. David Says:

    Hello, I’m having problems with the page “jumping” when the quotes change. I’ve added a fixed 40px height to the “quote” ID in my CSS, but the problem is still there. When the page first loads, the flickering doesn’t happen for a few rotations, but after some time, it starts. Here is the page:
    http://purvispublicsafety.com/test-2/. When I look with Firebug there is a DIV named “quoterotator” and the javascript is setting an inline style “display: none”. When that happens the jump occurs. Do I need to set a fixed height on “quoterotator” as well?

  540. David Says:

    Never mind, I fixed it. I had to add a fixed height to #quoterotator as well. Thanks for this plugin. This is the CSS I used:

    #quote, #quotearea {
    height: 40px;

  541. David Says:

    I’m sorry, the above post should say “I had to add a fixed height to #quotearea as well” Please edit. Thanks again…

  542. Dawn Says:

    I had added your plug in to my page side bar, but for some reason I am unable to add it to my posts side bar within my purchased theme. How do you suggest that I add it to my posts side bar as I would like my side bars to remaing consistent throughout my website. Thank you

  543. James Says:

    I’d like to have only certain quotes show up on certain pages. Is there a way to assign a specific quote id to a shortcode that is being placed in a widget text box

  544. Mich Says:

    Hi. I just updated, and now there is a grey background box that wasn’t there before and that I don’t want. Can you tell me how to remove it? Thanks.

  545. Aidan Curran Says:

    Not at the moment but this is a feature I’m hoping to add when I get time.

  546. Aidan Curran Says:

    @Mich: See notes on styling.

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  1. Check your Javascript error console - a Javascript error in another script may cause flexi quote rotator to fail
  2. Check your version of jquery - must be greater than 1.4. Some plugins and themes overwrite this with their own version. Versions of Wordpress before 3.0 have an older version of jquery.
  3. If you have a Javascript error message ending in 'delay is not a function' - this indicates an older version of jQuery
  4. Disabe all other plugins and check it again
  5. The problem can sometimes be certain themes - switch to default WP theme and check it again
  6. If you report an issue here, please post a url where we can see the problem to have a better chance of getting a response. Also post results of above steps.