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About Stellar Web Works – A friendly and reliable web design company

Stellar Web Works Ltd. is the web site design and development company of experienced web development professional Aidan Curran and his partner Mitzi Curran. Aidan is a highly skilled professional who has worked in the field of web development and user interface design for over a decade and is highly knowledgeable of what works well on the web and of the technologies needed to implement a cutting edge web site. Mitzi, who has senior level management experience in companies/organisations such as Sun Microsystems and Stanford University, takes care of the administrative and marketing aspects of the business. Being a small company allows us to operate more efficiently, respond to your needs faster, and offer you a more personalised service at more affordable rates than a larger web design company can offer. (See Aidan’s article on the advantages of choosing a small design company for your next website project.) At the same time we can offer a very broad range of expertise and services concerning all aspects of planning, designing, building, marketing, optimising and maximising results from your website. In order to broaden our expertise and range of services, we have made associations with some of the very best of local companies that compliment our business. Stellar Web Works is based in Nelson, New Zealand and serves clients from all over New Zealand and all over the globe.


Our Partners

Although Stellar Web Works is a small company, we have partnerships with other complimentary companies in the business in order to expand the range of services that we are able to offer.

Baby-e – Website Design & Graphic Design
Baby-e is the web design company of Leon Dalziel. Leon has extensive experience in the advertising and design industry and is an invaluable resource for Stellar Web Works. Stellar Web Works also provides design and development services to Baby-e.
Digital Promotions – Website Development and Hosting Solutions
Digital Promotions is a well established Nelson based web design, development and hosting company that has been online since 1994 and has an established track record in the field of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Stellar Web Works has a close partnership with Digital Promotions and provides design and development services to Digital Promotions. This close relationship allows Stellar Web Works to tap in to the extensive expertise and pool of resources that Digital Promotions has built up over the years.
Bounce Marketing – Online Promotion & Web Marketing
Bounce Marketing is a successful internet marketing company run by Nelson based web marketing expert, Katrina Lambert. Bounce Marketing focuses on strategies to drive traffic to your website and maximise sales and conversion rates. To achieve these goals, Bounce focuses on keyword optimisation, website copy-writing, search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click advertising (PPC), measurement & analysis, other online channels, e-mail newsletters, e-mail marketing, PR (public relations) and mail order marketing.
Hylite Photography – Professional Photography in the Nelson area
Hylite Photography is the Nelson based photography company of Kristin Paterson. Kristin specialises in product and location photography.

Why Choose Stellar

Why Choose Stellar?

  • Experience: When you choose Stellar for your web project you are getting a highly qualified professional with over a decade of web development experience
  • Affordable: Since Stellar is a small independent company we do not have as much overhead expenses as larger design firms and as a result you will find our rates significantly lower than those of the larger web design companies
  • Full Service: Although we are a small company, our network of partners (who are also small companies) allows us to offer a wide range of services related to website creation.
  • Good Search Engine Ranking: For most websites, having your website rank highly for certain terms that people search on is key to getting traffic to your site and therefore a key to the success of your site. When building websites we use best practice techniques to help achieve high placement in search engine results pages.
  • User Friendly Websites: Stellar’s principal, Aidan Curran, has a professional background in user interface design. As a result our websites are designed using good principals of usability and user experience in mind. This improves the websites chances of success at achieving it’s goals.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: Stellar is dedicated to making sure every client is 100% satisfied, we know our success depends on it!
  • Personal Attention: We fully dedicate ourselves to each project we take on for the duration of the project. We also provide follow up service and support for our websites. In addition we provide you with training on how to update and manage your new website.
  • Our Customers Rave About Us! We pride ourselves in providing great service and our clients notice it. Read what our customers are saying about us »

Meet the team

Aidan Curran
Aidan Curran has been working professionally in the field of web design and development since 1998 when he joined Agile Software Corporation, San Jose, California, initially assuming the roles of webmaster and web developer.

In 2001 when Agile decided to move from a Windows based business software suite to a web browser based product, Aidan’s skills and expertise in web design and development were called upon in designing the web based version of the product. Aidan moved into the position of Web User Interface Designer for Agile’s software suite. In this role Aidan gained very valuable expertise in web usability, user experience and user interface design for the web.

Following a long successful career at Agile, Aidan took the position of web developer with Symantec Corporation in Dublin, Ireland. In this role Aidan gained experience with large scale web operations and added a new array of technical tools to his web developer’s toolbelt.

In 2006 Aidan moved along with his wife, Mitzi, and son, Liam, to New Zealand and settled in sunny Nelson to enjoy the great lifestyle New Zealand has to offer and bring up their children in an ideal family environment. Once in Nelson, Aidan and Mitzi decided to start their own web design business and Stellar Web Works was born. Since then Aidan has been busy building websites for business all around New Zealand and overseas.

Mitzi Curran
Mitzi Curran, Aidan’s spouse, takes care of the marketing and administration aspects of the business.
Mitzi has a background in business administration having worked for large corporations and institutions including Intuit, Sun Microsystems and Stanford University.

Andy McCubbin is a web designer who works with SWW on some of our projects. Andy’s design work is clean, modern and professional. Andy is also a talanted artist and musician.

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