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Blog » Advise on new .nz domains

The NZ Domain Name Commission has recently made .nz domains available. This means you can have now the shorter web address mywebsite.nz instead of mywebsite.co.nz, mywebsite.org.nz, etc. In most cases people and business who already own a New Zealand domain name are eligible to register or reserve the shorter version of their .nz domain name before it becomes available to anyone else. Some of my clients have been asking me if it’s a good idea to register the new shorter version of their domain name. In most cases I would say that it is very important to secure the new .nz version of your domain name(s). The principal reasons for registering the .nz version of your existing domain are:

Anyone who already owns a New Zealand domain name (ending in .co.nz, .org.nz, etc.) is eligible to register or reserve the shorter version of their name before someone else. You have up until 30th of March 2015 to do so; after that, the shorter version of your domain will be available for anyone to register.

Some domain names may be ‘conflicted’ if there are more than one owners of the longer version of the domain e.g. if you own mywebsite.co.nz and someone else owns mywebsite.org.nz, there is a conflict for who has the right to register mywebsite.nz and you will need to take part in the conflict process if you wish to claim the short version of the domain. You can check if your domain has a conflict at your domain registrar’s website or at the website www.anyname.nz.

If your domain name is not conflicted, you will be able to register it at your existing domain registrar or any domain registrar that registers New Zealand domain names. You will need your UDAI code for your existing version of the domain to prove ownership of the domain name. You can usually get this by logging in to your domain registration account and requesting it. Most domain registrars have a ‘Request UDAI’ link that when clicked will send you an email with the UDAI code. Contact your domain registrar for assistance if you have difficulty in obtaining your UDAI code. To register the .nz domain you will have to pay a registration fee to your domain registrar (typically same as the fee for the .co.nz version of the domain).

An alternative option to registering your .nz domain name is reserving it for a 2 year period, this option doesn’t cost anything but you will not be able to use the .nz domain until you actually register it. You can reserve your .nz name here: https://anyname.nz/manage/.

Once you register your shorter .nz domain you can set it to point to your existing website. This can be done from your domain registration account. The option to do so will typically be in the manage domain section, it may be labelled as domain/url redirection or forwarding depending on which domain registrar you use.

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