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Blog » Another Bing regional search update and a new experiment

Following up on my recent series of posts regarding my findings about Bing regional search results, this website is finally indexed in the regional search results for New Zealand and performing quite well in the search results for target keywords – e.g. it is listed fourth for the term “web design nelson” (and the first 2 results are still bogus):

Stellar Web Works appearing 4th in SERP

So what did I do to get things back on track? Well the thing that did it was to change the lang attribute in the html tag to “en-nz”:

<html xmlns=”http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml” dir=”ltr” lang=”en-nz”>

This, when set, appears to be the main criteria that Bing uses to determine which region the site should be indexed in. So it looks like it overrides server location and country code top level domain. My lang attribute had previously been set to “en-us” which got picked up from the default settings in WordPress, the platform that my site is built with. After I made the change it took 1-2 weeks before things got sorted in Bing. The interesting thing is that Bing indexed a few of the internal pages before indexing the home page and other more important pages. So we had the strange situation where some of the pages of my site were showing up in the regional search results but the home page wasn’t.

Does this open up the possibility of being able to target different regions with different pages on a website? It appears that way but I’ll have to do another experiment to find out. So here’s the experiment: I’ve set up a page entitled Web Design Ireland and I’ve set the lang attribute to “en-ie” in order to see if I can get indexed in the regional search results for Ireland.

I’ll follow up soon to let you know what happens, it will be interesting to see. If you use RSS, you can follow my RSS feed from http://sww.co.nz/feed.

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One Response to “Another Bing regional search update and a new experiment”

  1. Aidan Says:

    The page is still not indexed on Bing yet. It was indexed by Google within an hour but 10 days later and Bing hasn’t indexed it. Bing indexing is really slow – I see a lot of complaints about this on their webmaster forum.

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