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Blog » Need to send large files? Try Dropbox

Sending large files by email can be problematic. Email services have file size limits for emails, so if your attached files are over the limit, your email will not reach the recipient(s). Even if you are within the file limits of both your mail server and the recipients’ mail servers, large attachments can clog email systems and cause delays.

DropboxA better way to share large files is to use a great easy-to-use free service called Dropbox. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Click this link and create your account
  2. It will then prompt you to install Dropbox, go ahead and install it
  3. You will now have a Dropbox folder on your computer which looks like any other folder. But it is a special folder because you can use it to share files with anyone else or to make your files available on any other computer

Once you have Dropbox installed, here’s how you can use it to send us files:

  1. Open your Dropbox folder and make a new sub-folder inside it
  2. Drag all the files you want to share into that folder
  3. Right click on the new folder and from the Dropbox menu choose ‘Share this folder…’ (this will open a window in your web browser)
    Dropbox - Share This Folder
  4. Enter the email address(es) of who you want to share it with and click the ‘Share folder’ button.
    Dropbox - enter email address(es) of who you want to share with


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2 Responses to “Need to send large files? Try Dropbox”

  1. David A. Says:

    Thanks for your help. I’m giving dropbox a try.

    David A.

  2. Website Design Says:

    Dropbox is nice. I’m on it and sharing bundles of data with my team. It is the perfect solution.

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