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Screenshot 1 – Example of how flexi quote rotator can be displayed on a web page
Screenshot 2 – Settings panel in admin
Screenshot 3 – Management panel in admin


Loading Quotes...

Plugin Page on WordPress.org:


Flexi Quote Rotator

A plugin for displaying quotes or testimonials or other rotating snippets of content.


Contributors: acurran
Donate link:
Tags: quotes, quotation, quote, quotations, testimony, testimonies, random quotes, random, rotating, quotation, plugin, shortcode, template, display
Requires at least: 3.0
Tested up to: 3.5.1
Stable tag: 0.9.3


The flexi quote rotator plugin allows you to add quotations/testimonies to your site using a shortcode or php snippet in template or as a widget. Includes an administration settings page and provides styling flexibility.

You can use this plugin to display quotes or testimonials or other rotating snippets of content on your web site. The quotes are entered in the admin area and can be displayed using a widget, a shortcode or php snippet. The quotes will rotate with a fade transition on each changeover.


  1. Upload 'flexi-quote-rotator' folder to the '/wp-content/plugins/' directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress

Updating Plugin


  1. Add this shortcode to your page or post content:
    [quoteRotator title="{optional title}" delay="{delay in seconds, optional}" fade="{fade-in duration in seconds, optional}" fadeout="{fade-out duration in seconds, optional}"]
    e.g.1: [quoteRotator]
    e.g.2: [quoteRotator title="Testimonials" delay="8" fade="4" fadeout="2"]
  2. Insert a template tag in a template file:
    quoteRotator({optional title}, {delay in seconds, optional}, {fade-in duration in seconds, optional}, {fade-out duration in seconds, optional});
    e.g.1: <?php echo quoteRotator(); ?>
    e.g.2: <?php echo quoteRotator("Testimonials", 8, 4, 2); ?>
  3. Use the widget created (Appearance > Widgets)


This plugin allows full styling flexibility using CSS to control how the quotes are displayed on your web site. A few example stylesheets are included in the styles folder (/wp-content/plugins/flexi-quote-rotator/styles/). One of these can be selected in the settings admin panel. You can copy and modify one of these stylesheets to achieve the desired look. Then you save it in the styles folder and it will become an available for selection in the settings admin panel. Alternatively you can select 'none' for stylesheet and add the styling to your main theme stylesheet. Photoshop source files are also provided if you want to modify the provided background images.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I add my quotes?

Under the "Manage" tab of the admin page, there is a "Quotes" subpage.

Can I have more than one quote areas on a page?

No, this plugin is not designed to handle more than one quote areas on an individual page.

There appears to be more than one way of controlling the settings such as fade, delay, etc. Which takes precedence?

It depends on the method used to display the quotes - if the original widget method if display is used, then the widget settings are used. If the shortcode or PHP methods of display are used, the settings saved in Settings > Quote Rotator are used but these can be overidden by the optional attributes passed to shortcode or PHP.

Can I put HTML code in the quote?

Yes, you can put HTML code into the quote and also into the quote author field (which is useful if you want to link to the quote author's web site)


  1. Example of how flexi quote rotator can be displayed on a web page
  2. Settings panel in admin
  3. Management panel in admin

Change Log

Version 0.9.3 (10 April 2013)

Bug fix: widget settings update was not working since 0.9.1 due to missing nonce field

Version 0.9.2 (23 July 2012)

Security update #2: sanitise input to SQL query (issue reported by Charlie Eriksen via Secunia SVCRP)

Version 0.9.1 (23 July 2012)

Security update #1: add nonce validation to all HTTP requests (issue reported by Charlie Eriksen via Secunia SVCRP)

Version 0.9 (26 Jun 2012)

  • New options for displaying open and closing quote characters (or other text string before and after the quote)
  • Additional styling hooks (span with id "quote" wrapped around actual quote)
  • Readme instructions updates
  • Add instructions to settings page

Version 0.3.2 (28 Mar 2011)

Resolved issue with height jumping around in widget version of quote rotator

Version 0.3.1 (25 Mar 2011)

Added back in the style sheets that were missing from previous version due to SVN glitch

Version 0.3 (24 Mar 2011)

  • Modified jQuery animation to fix issue with jagged text in IE.
  • Added new options Height Override and Width Override.
  • Added template tag quoteRotator().
  • Added new widget options.

Version 0.2 (5 Apr 2010)

Changed script library used for fading effects from Scriptaculous to jQuery. This should resolve script library conflicts that some users have experienced. Added fix for saving options in WP 2.9 MU. Thanks to colin@brainbits.ca for supplying the code! Also added a new option for fade-out duration. This defaults to 0 so that it behaves like previous versions with no fade-out unless specified.

Version 0.1.3 (17 Mar 2009)

Minor update: replaced a PHP shorthand tag, which was causing problem for some users, with full PHP tag, updated readme

Version 0.1.2 (12 Jan 2009)

Minor update: updated instructions and screenshots for WordPress 2.7

Version 0.1.1 (4 Nov 2008)

Minor update: set default parameters for getQuoteCode() function

Version 0.1 (28 Oct 2008)

Initial beta release based on Version 3.5.4 of Quote Rotator by Luke Howell.

546 Responses to “Flexi quote rotator”

  1. Tim Says:


    great plugin, very useful and easy to set up :)
    I’d like to second Jason (post 498) on his feature request having a similar setup myself.

  2. Paul Says:

    Nice Plug-in. I have a couple of problems that I haven’t been able to resolve. I have short testimonials and long ones, when the short ones appears, I get the start of the next testimonial showing. How do I get the plug-in to limit to one testimonial. Also where do I place the short code to hide the titles? Thanks.

  3. Paul Says:

    My bad. I had a different plug-in loaded. Please ignore previous.

  4. Rose Tobin Says:

    Is it possible to get rid of the lines in the quotes box? I changed the font size and now the lines are misaligned with the text. As on this page:
    Thank you.

  5. Aidan Curran Says:

    They are not coming for the plugin itself. They are coming from style rules that you have set for #quote in your main stylesheet.

  6. Michael Says:

    Hi there
    Great plugin – just what I needed, but is there a way to control the alignment on the page – the default seems to be centered but I need to make it left aligned… any tips on how to achieve that would be brilliant. Many thanks!

  7. Aidan Curran Says:

    @Michael: CSS

  8. Michael Says:

    Thanks Aidan – I did spend some time playing around with the css but nothing I did seemed to change that element. I know a bit about css but I’m not an expert – would you be able to point me in the direction of which item/class I should be looking at changing, that would be super helpful! Thanks so much!

  9. Aidan Curran Says:

    @Michael: http://www.w3.org/Style/Examples/007/center.en.html

  10. Michael Says:

    Brilliant – many thanks.

  11. Chris Says:

    Hi Aidan,
    I have edited the narrow image to fit it into my sidebar, but I cannot seem to be able to make the text width fit into my new background quote image?
    Any ideas?
    See page here: http://gmequine.co.uk/gary-miller-sports-massage

  12. Aidan Curran Says:

    @Chris: Customise the css.

  13. SnH Says:

    Hi, thanks for the great plugin!
    I m building a site for my friend so I would like to know how to just display only one quote a day using the widget. I see that you provide this option via php code but is it possible via widget. for example, if i have 30 quotes, i just want to display one a day so it repeats..

  14. SnH Says:


    for my purpose, I used a different plugin that did the exact thing i needed.
    thanks for your plugin! will use it for some other site as I like the fading idea!!


  15. Karen Wylie Says:

    Hi – I am not able to change either the speed of the fade or the length of time the quotation is displayed. No matter what it ‘says’ in the widget specifications, it is displaying 5 & 2, the default number of seconds. I have tried deactivating and resetting. I am using Genesis framework and Prose theme. Thanks!

  16. Phil Says:

    Any chance there’s a way to make this great plug-in responsive?

  17. Sushiil Bharti Says:

    It is working perfectly on page and post but I want to use it in header beneath the logo. I copied the code in header.php but is not working.

  18. Kocaeli Web Tasar?m Says:

    Hi, I can not see css classes in options panel. Is there a solution for this?

  19. Hans Says:

    Hi, great plugin but my html link doesn’t work. I have a link in the widget just below the content slider where I use your plugin. All is great except when I press the html link saying “click here” the link is indicated but does not open.
    Any idea what might be wrong?

  20. Hans Says:

    When the plugin starts loading in my widget, it says “loading quotes…” I woulld like to not display that message. Is it possible to leave it out so the widget is just blank until the first quote appars? O to put another message there?

  21. Aidan Curran Says:

    @Hans: it is nothing to do with quote rotator plugin, problem is in your own code.

  22. Aidan Curran Says:

    @Hans: only way would be to search and replace it in the plugin file quote-rotator.class.php

  23. Alen Ostanek Says:

    I’m using this plugin on a non-English site and the entered text doesn’t display ???? characters. It shows ‘?’ instead of them, so I have to enter the Č and č code to get them to show.
    Is there anyway I can modify the plugin, so it displays Central European alpahbet?
    Thx for this nifty plugin!

    Lep pozdrav

  24. Lenny Says:

    Had a small issue with the plugin, there seems to be a race condition. In my case that lead to the alpha values never getting into the visible range after the first rotation.

    Changed the setIntervall to a setTimeout (and moved it to the rotate function) and added a small value to the sum of delays to ensure there is no overlap.

    Now it works like a charm.

  25. Wes Says:


    Great plugin, when it was working.
    Was using wordpress 3.6.

    Recently upgraded to wordpress 3.8 and seems like it doesnt work.

    Page : http://www.binarylimited.co.nz


  26. Aidan Curran Says:

    @Wes: I’ve upgraded this site to 3.8 and quote rotator still works so no compatibility issue with 3.8 that I’m aware of. I looked at your page but quote rotator plugin is not present.

  27. Harish Ghorpade Says:

    Can i add other languages as quotes ? I tried but its taking junk characters .

  28. Ted Janzen Says:

    Hi, I’m working on a multi language site en I want to use your plugin.
    I need te be able to select some quotes eg by category or a groupname. Could you implement this?

    Thanks in advance

  29. Michael Says:

    Hi Aidan,
    I can not begin to express how long I searched for a plugin like Flexi quote rotator!
    Question, How can your plugin start on a random quote?
    The random order/sequence seems to be working fine though always starts on the same quote. Thank you in advance.

  30. Aidan Curran Says:

    @Michael: Select the random option in the settings. It should start on a random quote. You’ll see that’s how it works on this site.

  31. Aidan Curran Says:

    @Harish: see comment 474

  32. Michael Says:

    re comment: 529
    I believe it keeps starting at the same comment due to W3 total cache. Even with “Random” selected and the clearing of browser history it keeps starting on the same quote each time.
    Please, please, please would you be aware of what can be done to avoid this? Thank you in advance.

  33. Iv Says:

    Hi, it’s very good but there is no support for cyrillic alpabet and all letters are with ? sign

  34. Aidan Curran Says:

    @Iv: see comment 474 for a solution

  35. Iv Says:


  36. Iv Says:

    Could you please tell me how to make by default your plugin to be set as a utf8_general_ci because when I turn it off and then on it destroy all of my quotes, and I starting over and over again, and I did it like 5 times today,

    It will be nice to make an update so this coding to will be included when wordpress site is set on cyrillic or so


  37. mick Says:

    any way to avoid the page ‘jumping’ each time a new quote loads?

  38. Aidan Curran Says:

    @mick – yes, set a fixed height in your css (see 258 above for example)

  39. David Says:

    Hello, I’m having problems with the page “jumping” when the quotes change. I’ve added a fixed 40px height to the “quote” ID in my CSS, but the problem is still there. When the page first loads, the flickering doesn’t happen for a few rotations, but after some time, it starts. Here is the page:
    http://purvispublicsafety.com/test-2/. When I look with Firebug there is a DIV named “quoterotator” and the javascript is setting an inline style “display: none”. When that happens the jump occurs. Do I need to set a fixed height on “quoterotator” as well?

  40. David Says:

    Never mind, I fixed it. I had to add a fixed height to #quoterotator as well. Thanks for this plugin. This is the CSS I used:

    #quote, #quotearea {
    height: 40px;

  41. David Says:

    I’m sorry, the above post should say “I had to add a fixed height to #quotearea as well” Please edit. Thanks again…

  42. Dawn Says:

    I had added your plug in to my page side bar, but for some reason I am unable to add it to my posts side bar within my purchased theme. How do you suggest that I add it to my posts side bar as I would like my side bars to remaing consistent throughout my website. Thank you

  43. James Says:

    I’d like to have only certain quotes show up on certain pages. Is there a way to assign a specific quote id to a shortcode that is being placed in a widget text box

  44. Mich Says:

    Hi. I just updated, and now there is a grey background box that wasn’t there before and that I don’t want. Can you tell me how to remove it? Thanks.

  45. Aidan Curran Says:

    Not at the moment but this is a feature I’m hoping to add when I get time.

  46. Aidan Curran Says:

    @Mich: See notes on styling.

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  3. If you have a Javascript error message ending in 'delay is not a function' - this indicates an older version of jQuery
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