Pricing for Website Design

Each website project is unique and takes a different amount of time and effort to produce so to determine the price that we quote for a job, we need to gather the information we need to determine the scope of the job and estimate how long it will take us.

Factors affecting cost of web design project

1. Size of website

The number of pages can be used as a rough indicator but a page can be simple or complex so we would also need to get an idea of what amount of content that would go on each page and the layout requirements. The size of the website affects how the content is organised and the navigation structure. A small website may have a simple, single tier navigation structure but larger websites may require a two tier or multi-tier navigation structure which adds additional complexity.

2. Content planning

What level of assistance you need planning and organising your content (text, images, video, audio, etc.) is an important factor in estimating the amount of work involved in a web project. At one end of the spectrum, some clients have all the content written and organised themselves, know what pages they need and have a good idea of what should be on each page. At the other end of the spectrum, some projects require an intensive content planning stage, and collaboration between the client and web designer to work out the what content is required and how it should be organised.

3. Photo, Image and Graphics work

Another important factor in determining cost of a website project is the amount of photo and graphics work required. Are all images/photos available and website-ready? Does a photographer need to be organised? Are there lots of photos that need to be sorted through and edited? Do graphics need to be created? Do stock images need to be sourced?

4. Functionality requirements

Does the website need special functionality such as e-commerce, booking system, event ticketing, members area, data collection, calculators, multi-lingual, etc. Special functionality requires web development and selection, integration & customisation of special-purpose tools to handle the job.

5. Copy writing

What level of assistance is required with creating written content for the website? Some clients can provide the written copy for the website all ready to go. Sometimes editing and organisation is required. Sometimes the services of a professional copy writer are required to generate the written content for the website.

6. SEO requirements

What are the requirements for search engine optimisation? Examples of some SEO requirements are, keyword research, content strategy, meta tagging, testing and analysis, speed optimisation, etc.

7. Training and ongoing support requirements

What level of training in managing and updating the website is required? Will the client be able to manage and update the websites themselves or will they require assistance? Do emails need to be set up for the domain and what level of support is required with email?

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