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Whether you are a brand new business, or a long running business that doesn’t yet have a website, or a business looking for a fresh start, Stellar Web Works will make the process of designing and build a website easy for you. We can start with a blank canvas or work with any existing branding materials you already have and craft a website that reflects the needs of your business and your target audience.

We can help you with all the technical details such as registering a domain name, setting up hosting, setting up email for your domain, etc.


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The Website Creation Process

  • Discovery
    Determine the objectives, explore the competition
  • Planning
    How to meet the goals, website structure and components
  • Messaging & Written Copy
    Provide the important information & critical messaging in an easy to consume and search engine optimised manner
  • Imagery
    Determine what photography & graphics are required to support the messaging and design
  • Design & Layout
    Put it all together in an attractive and engaging manner, ensuring consistency and brand identity
  • Development
    Build the website and lay out the content on the pages
  • Testing, fine tuning
    Identify any issues to be resolved or areas that can be improved
  • Launch
    Post-launch tweaks, if needed

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