Email setup

Stellar Web Works can handle setting up email addresses for your domain name. We can register a domain name for you or work with your existing domain name.

Email Service Providers

We can set up your email accounts at any email service provider of your choice. Popular email service providers include Google Workspace, Microsoft 365/Exchange Online and Zoho Mail.

Zoho Mail is a good choice if you are looking for the best value. They have a free plan which has some limitations and a very low cost plan which removes those limitations.

Email Forwarding

If you already have an email address, not connected to your domain name, that you are using for your business, email forwarding is a way to to set up email addresses using your own domain name that forward the emails on to your existing email address. e.g. Let’s say you already are using a Gmail address,, and your website address is While the Gmail address works fine, an email address using your own domain such as would look more professional on your website, business cards and marketing materials. Email forwarding could be used to create an email address that forwards on to You would still be using your Gmail mailbox for your email but using email forwarding you would essentially be creating as an alias for your Gmail email address.

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