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A nice simple explanation of SEO for website owners

Here’s a video that I came across on searchengineland.com that explains the basics of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in an easy to follow, non-tech-speak manner. I thought I’d share it here as it may serve as a useful primer on SEO for my clients:

Advise on new .nz domains

The NZ Domain Name Commission has recently made .nz domains available. This means you can have now the shorter web address mywebsite.nz instead of mywebsite.co.nz, mywebsite.org.nz, etc. In most cases people and business who already own a New Zealand domain name are eligible to register or reserve the shorter version of their .nz domain name […]

Online Will Making Website

Stellar Web Works has just completed first phase of development on a new website for making your will online. The site, WillToLive.co.nz, has just gone live this evening. In addition to making your will, you can also create a ‘bucket list’ of things to do before you die. The website is the brainchild of public […]

.nz domains could be coming soon

The Domain Name Commission, a non-profit society that co-ordinates the development of the Internet in New Zealand, is proposing to start allowing anybody to register domain names at the ‘second level’. That means for example that this website could have the address sww.nz instead of sww.co.nz. The DNC are currently at the stage of consulting […]

Free NZ$75 Google AdWords Promotion

I see that Google have a promotion for AdWords on at the moment for New Zealand customers. It is only for new customers so if you already use AdWords, it’s not for you. But if you’ve being thinking about giving it a try, now’s your chance. You won’t run much of a campaign for $75 […]

Hack Attack

Flicking through Time Magazine on the plane back to NZ, I came accross an interesting read regarding website hacking. It is astonishing how organised these hacker organisations are, so much so that some of them even offer customer support! Here’s the article: Hack Attack So who would you like to hack today? A bank, a […]

Need to send large files? Try Dropbox

Sending large files by email can be problematic. Email services have file size limits for emails, so if your attached files are over the limit, your email will not reach the recipient(s). Even if you are within the file limits of both your mail server and the recipients’ mail servers, large attachments can clog email […]

Big changes in search on the way with Google Instant

Right now Google is rolling out an new advancement in web search that it calls ‘Google Instant’. The difference between Google Instant and regular search is that as soon as you start typing, the search results appear on the page and with every letter you type those results are updated to reflect what Google predicts […]

Want to know what people are searching for, when and where?

Google Insights for Search is an interesting tool that is fun to play with and could give you some useful nuggets of information that you can use to your advantage. You can use it to see what search terms are most popular and to see how search terms trend over time. For example if you […]

Yahoo & Microsoft Partner Up To Take On Google With Bing

Yahoo and Microsoft announced a 10 year partnership on 29th July where Yahoo Search will be powered by Microsoft’s new Bing search engine. The agreement is currently in front of regulators and could take two years finalise. The move looks to be one solid step towards a merger after the failed attempt in 2008. Google […]

Nelson Web Design Companies

Stellar Web Works is based in Nelson on the top of the South Island of New Zealand. I’ve compiled a list of all the other web design companies located in Nelson. If I’ve missed any let me know. A list of web design companies in Nelson, New Zealand Stellar Web Works Your best choice for […]

Choosing a web design/development company to build your website

If you are looking for a web designer to build a website for your business, you will find no shortage of options to choose from. So what do you base your decision on when choosing a web designer?

Why you should choose a small business to work on your website

Scanning through an industry newsletter that arrived in my inbox this morning I came accross an article that made me feel great about running my own small business. It got me thinking about the huge advantage a client has in choosing a small business like mine instead of going with a big web company. The […]

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