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Solution to WordPress adding br and p tags around shortcodes

The Problem: Sometimes I find stray p or br tags appearing inside a block of content that I’ve enclosed in shortcodes and this can mess up the layout by adding extra spacing where I don’t want it. It occurs because of the default order in which WordPress processes your content – wpautop (the function which […]

Which content management system? Why it’s important

I was recently having a beer and a chat with a fellow Nelson web developer and discovered that we shared the same favourite content management system. That got us on to talking about what CMSs the other local web design companies here in Nelson build their websites on. My mate told me of a job […]

New WordPress plugin released – EZY Nav Menu

I have made available another plugin for WordPress. It is a plugin that adds a template tag for creating a navigation menu from links added to the core WordPress links management facility. For more information about this plugin visit the EZY Nav Menu plugin page on this site or see the WordPress Plugin Directory.

WordPress Plugin Released – Flexi Quote Rotator

I have made a WordPress plugin for displaying quotes, testimonials or other text snippets on a WordPress website/blog available for download on this website. In the past I have modified many plugins for my own purposes, but this is my first foray into releasing a WordPress plugin for public consumption. I had been looking for […]

Our content management system of choice

A content management system (abbreviated CMS) allows non-technical people to update and manage a web site without requiring technical knowledge. At Stellar Web Works we specialise in building web sites on content management systems. We have worked with a number of different content management systems and have come to favour using the popular WordPress platform […]

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