WordPress Plugin Released – Flexi Quote Rotator

I have made a WordPress plugin for displaying quotes, testimonials or other text snippets on a WordPress website/blog available for download on this website. In the past I have modified many plugins for my own purposes, but this is my first foray into releasing a WordPress plugin for public consumption. I had been looking for a plugin that would display testimonials on a client’s web site and came across Luke Howel’s quote rotator plugin. Luke’s plugin displays the quotes as a sidebar widget which was not suitable for my needs so I decided to have a go at expanding upon his plugin to offer other display options as well as add a settings admin menu and some styling features. The result is the Flexi Quote Rotator plugin. As with the original version that it is based on, it is licensed under GPL and free to download, use, modify, redistribute as you please.

4 Responses to WordPress Plugin Released – Flexi Quote Rotator

  1. icute says:

    i like to use this plugin but how to show the quote in page or page instead of in sidebar as widget?

  2. Elly says:

    I like this plugin very much, but is it possible to remove the text ‘Loading Quotes’ before the quotes start? Can’t find it in the php-files. Thanks.

  3. kevin says:


    Can you use it in posts,that would be really usefull.


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