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Big changes in search on the way with Google Instant

Right now Google is rolling out an new advancement in web search that it calls ‘Google Instant’. The difference between Google Instant and regular search is that as soon as you start typing, the search results appear on the page and with every letter you type those results are updated to reflect what Google predicts […]

10 Search Engine Optimisation Tips: Keywords

Here are ten useful tips for website owners specifically related to usage of keywords to improve performance in search results.

Bing allows you to target different regional search results on different pages of your website

Finally, after a long wait of about 3 weeks, Bing indexed the page I created for my regional search experiment. And, as I anticipated, the page shows up in the regional search results for Ireland (with ‘Only from Ireland’ selected). This despite the fact that it’s a New Zealand top level domain and the server […]

Another Bing regional search update and a new experiment

Following up on my recent series of posts regarding my findings about Bing regional search results, this website is finally indexed in the regional search results for New Zealand and performing quite well in the search results for target keywords – e.g. it is listed fourth for the term “web design nelson” (and the first 2 […]

Bing Update

Following on from my previous post, I’ve posted my findings regarding Bing’s regional failings on the Bing webmaster forum, which happens to be full of similar reports. I got a response back from Brett Yount, Program Manager, Bing Webmaster Center, which seems to acknowledge that Bing has some problems when it comes to regional indexing: […]

Yahoo & Microsoft Partner Up To Take On Google With Bing

Yahoo and Microsoft announced a 10 year partnership on 29th July where Yahoo Search will be powered by Microsoft’s new Bing search engine. The agreement is currently in front of regulators and could take two years finalise. The move looks to be one solid step towards a merger after the failed attempt in 2008. Google […]

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